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  1. Turbostar22

    How Much Money Do You Have Ingame?

    I have 545 million
  2. Turbostar22

    ☆ The use of Beacon Lights ☆

    That what im do, i sue beacon only with load on the back, but problem is, i get kicked if i use beacon and admin see it
  3. Turbostar22

    How many truck brands are in ATS?

    Only two, that why nobody plays ATS
  4. Turbostar22

    march of car

    It does not work, it's a bug that makes you always drive with the first gear, I hope they fix it anyway, it would be interesting to have a car with an automatic gearbox
  5. Turbostar22

    Update 1.32

    Customizable trailers and maybe new trucks new sound maybe for new trucks
  6. Turbostar22

    Random Road-Events in Truckers MP...

    I hate the road events, it is also the cause for the many accidents especially the people who are in the middle of the road and you think to avoid them but it is not so, I put it low
  7. Turbostar22

    I can not enter! TruckersMP

    Try to chance password
  8. Turbostar22

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    Really good, thank you
  9. Turbostar22

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned because i driving with 10% damage in my truck xD
  10. Turbostar22

    The Last Post Wins!

    I win u.u
  11. Turbostar22


    Try to put everything low in the graphics, and then if you see that it is not crash try to put the graphics back as it was before, I hope I helped you