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  1. Recording.

    Mail registration problem

    You don't understand what I mean. I mean, when registering an online plug-in account, you need to fill in the e-mail address. What types of e-mail address do you support, such as google, qq, or whatever, can you tell me what type of e-mail account you support?
  2. Recording.

    Mail registration problem

    What types of mailbox types are supported by the online plug-in official website?
  3. Hello, my friend, I am Xiaoyu, I am very happy to see the news of your return!:D

    1. -VOYVODA-


      ooo hello mate ♥ I miss you really  . thank you so much ♥

    2. Recording.


      When I have breakfast, I will chat with you on steam.

    3. -VOYVODA-


      I don't have computer mate , just phone :/

  4. Recording.

    Player personal information problem

  5. Recording.

    Query player information

  6. Recording.

    What site is best to upload pictures to a report?

  7. Please tell me which app administrators should upload pictures to see.
  8. Recording.


  9. Recording.


  10. Hey, I am Xiaoyu, I haven't seen you for a long time. It is really unhappy to see the news of your departure!:(:(

    1. -VOYVODA-


      I will miss you mate :/

  11. Recording.

    Reporting system problem

    Why recently to report progress is so slow that the club's official website a week have not received the report feedback work efficiency more and more low.