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  1. Being in a VTC adds so much more to the game, not only more events. Most vtc's have achievements to reach and this can be fun to achieve
  2. It would be nice to have the weight of the cargo showing in the job dispatcher. I often accidently take heavy loads without realising it and in a weaker truck along C-d is a recipe for disaster
  3. For realism a repair station for the immersive feel but /fix for the convivence such as when you get rammed on C-d
  4. Honestly in my opinion, I don't think this would fix the issue but It would turn more players away from the game. For example if you spend hours in single player designing trucks that you want to use in an event for example but to then switch to multiplayer and loose that truck because the save is stored on the server. This would also mean that TMP would cost more to run as we would need separate server storage for everyone's save files and a whole staff base to deal with save issues. People play the game for different reasons, some like to log in and spend 3 hours making a nice truck to add to their collection and others just want to drive with friends. I like the idea of progressive rewards and external contracts, maybe or even make the fragile loads even more fragile but may the pay off so much more than what it currently is.
  5. The MAN TGX that thing sounds like a train horn, I used to have it duped on my save edits and it was way too loud
  6. Wraith645


    It's best not to as your friends could report you to troll you back and you would be the one being banned for it. Personally I would stick to the rules that way there is no chance of you being punished even if it is just for fun.
  7. Wraith645


    93MPH will turn the game into forza for trucks, looking at C-D with the 110 limit its still a mess. Plus trucks aren't made ot go fast and it's a simulation. In the uk on a highway a truck is only permitted to 56 MPH by law unless their company states otherwise. For example some companies limit their trucks to 52 MPH. There is always the option for arcade though which can be fun to drive fast on.
  8. Good night everyone💤

  9. Time to spam reports by doing laps of C-D for 6 hours :pog:
  10. Wraith645

    Report Limit

    I don't report anymore, Why spend an hour making reports every other driver is reckless and overtakes. This could be an hour driving instead. It's hard to get an in game report looked at unless you're very lucky because they expire so quickly. I understand the moderators are volunteers and the work they do to help is amazing
  11. Since the physics changed and its so much easier to skid or spin out of control for busy areas 110 is perfect, It might be beneficial to drop the speed limit on c-d top help prevent overtaking and reckless driving. I remember before the 110 speed limit and everyone would just see how fast their trucks could go down that road. It could be worth adding a reduced speed for c-d like in cities and having the other roads at 110.
  12. We need a lighting update and this would solve that
  13. This is a good idea, but it would take a lot of work, for example if you're turning into a fuel station how will it know if you're turning into a junction instead of the opposite lane. How would this work for roads with one lane like Kirkenes quarry. Overall a very good Idea maybe its something the development team can look into.
  14. I agree as it will help players and prevent traffic in the gas station but prevent collisions where people try to force out of the gas station.
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