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  1. After turning left according to the white line ...
    Will it be a reverse run?:thinking:


    Translation from Japanese


    1. [JPN]WhiteFox




  2. There was "Anime" on the audio radio and I heard it, I was able to listen to many animation songs!
    I do not know when it was added, but it was a very happy event for me :D

  3. How to run roundabout, which one should you run ....(´・ω・`)



    1. ZolaKluke


      Both diagrams mean the same thing, but the 2nd one is easier to understand with more detail. This should be something pinned on the forums because a lot of countries roundabouts aren't common, but they're on like every back street here in Australia so they aren't an issue for me ^_^

  4. Wait a moment ... this time the travelable distance of the truck has decreased ...

    1. ZolaKluke


      It's just the truck having not calculated the distance it can go with the amount of fuel it has. What you have to do is drive around for a bit and it will fix itself, it's nothing to do with truckersMp, it's just the way that SCS created the code for fuel economy calculations

  5. I found something that seems to be a bug concerning normal fuel cars.

    When changing from a truck to a regular car, the travelable distance of a normal car becomes the same number as the fuel (L).
    However, when restarting the MP, the travelable distance increased to about five times.

    I do not know if this is a bug, just murmure.

    Since you can not load two images, put them separately.
    The image when the first piece is "km = L".

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ZolaKluke


      The on the right is correct, reloading the game allows for it to calculate it's fuel economy though driving around for a bit will fix it too

    3. [JPN]WhiteFox


      Indeed, we need to recalculate in the game.
      I am convinced! Thank you!

    4. ZolaKluke
  6. I always record during traveling, those who think they are malicious are notified and delegated to the administrator.
    Some angered with me being banned by me.
    There is no exist that can not be relieved so as not to reflect.

    1. ZolaKluke


      I think most players record while driving using either ShadowPlay (Nvidia) or ReLive (AMD) and they shouldn't whine after getting caught and banned. I completely agree with you that we should just ignore them if they get angered

    2. [JPN]WhiteFox


      Thanks for the solution. I will try to ignore it.

    3. ZolaKluke


      The main reason they troll is to get a reaction out of us as they enjoy seeing us rage and get angry, but buy us getting them banned then we have less people to annoy us and now they're the ones raging ;)

  7. Can not they keep up with the rules?

    1. Soul Knight

      Soul Knight

      Actually,We always want everyone to respect and follow our rules. In fact, many people still ignore our rules.

      Admins have their own life and work so they cannot be online 24 hours a day,that'y why there is still 

      rules breakers.^_^

    2. [WTLVTC-COO] Michael

      [WTLVTC-COO] Michael

      I am going to add on to Soul there, even when there are many of us online, at peak times there can be 2000+ players on one server, there is no way we can keep up with the rules breakers.


      We are sorry to hear that you have run into issues with players not following the rules.

    3. [JPN]WhiteFox


      Thank you for replying to my tweets.
      I understand that managers are making efforts.
      I'd like to persevere in the future. I will continue to love this game.


      Translation from Japanese

  8. I often run around 22 o'clock (UTC + 9), but there are quite a lot of people who drive rough ...

  9. Suggestion Name: Changing appearance place when using Quick Load Suggestion Description:There are times when it appears on the road when using Quick Load. Although it may be safe because it is a ghost mode, I do not know that it is a ghost mode from other tracks. Any example images: Why should it be added?:To reduce the accident of other trucks due to the sudden appearance
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