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  1. No mileage requirements = YES! I manage events. If I leave Bruijn, I leave TMP.
  2. Updated to Win 11. To be honest, I don't see the performance increase over Win 10. Apart from a slightly quicker boot time, it's been pretty much identical to Win 10 performance. Admittedly, the Win 11 UI is a lot more neatly presented. It's going to take time to get used to though. People fussing over the soft hardware cap need not worry too much, IMO. They're not missing out on much.
  3. ETS2/ATS without TMP events is just driving, and that's about it. They're not like other simulators where you have tasks allocated to you or you have goals to reach. For me at least, events are the only reasons why the game is worth playing. Otherwise, it'd just get dull and repetitive just driving everywhere.
  4. Serious performance drops with Trucky, and VSpeditor causes crashes in ProMods. Oh yes, this is a welcome feature. Thanks devs.
  5. Whoever was driving that truck should have his license taken away. That's a great way to kill a lot of people. And just FYI, ETRC trucks are limited to 160 km/h. I doubt that person was a racing driver.
  6. When did I call you fat?? I merely said, "Imagine, also, being a fat octopus." Where in that sentence does it say, 'Nub rider is a fat octopus'??
  7. I use all of them appropriately. If emergency stop, then all of them at once.
  8. Imagine thinking your pfp matters. Imagine, also, being a fat octopus.
  9. I haven't won in a long while. So now I will win. Whoever wins after me is a CD road noob.
  10. Happy birthday.

    Hope you have time away from the truck to celebrate.


  11. Congrats on your promotion. 👏

  12. Thank you Fezzzzzzz


  13. My main interest that always seems to get a weird look from someone is cars. Whereas most people just like specific aspects of certain cars, like speed or looks, I prefer the more in-depth and intricate details of cars and the engineering behind them. So yeah, it's the one topic we don't wanna start talking about. As far as gaming goes; I really like fishing games, which for sure a lot of you will find a bit unusual. It's a patient sport IRL, and I somewhat lack patience. So fishing games is how I get to go fishing and not get sick of waiting for fish to bite. There are other weird interests and preferences, but this isn't an appropriate place to discuss those...
  14. I've used 98, 2000/NT, XP, 7, and 10. Never really did much on 98 or 2000/NT. XP was the best. Never had a single issue, or none that I can remember at least, and the UI was the easiest to use. 7 was good, apart from a bit of program compatibility trouble. 10?
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