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  1. Serious performance drops with Trucky, and VSpeditor causes crashes in ProMods. Oh yes, this is a welcome feature. Thanks devs.
  2. Whoever was driving that truck should have his license taken away. That's a great way to kill a lot of people. And just FYI, ETRC trucks are limited to 160 km/h. I doubt that person was a racing driver.
  3. When did I call you fat?? I merely said, "Imagine, also, being a fat octopus." Where in that sentence does it say, 'Nub rider is a fat octopus'??
  4. I use all of them appropriately. If emergency stop, then all of them at once.
  5. Imagine thinking your pfp matters. Imagine, also, being a fat octopus.
  6. I haven't won in a long while. So now I will win. Whoever wins after me is a CD road noob.
  7. Happy birthday.

    Hope you have time away from the truck to celebrate.


  8. Congrats on your promotion. 👏

  9. Thank you Fezzzzzzz


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