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  1. It is none of your business whether something is going to happen or not. And secondly you are no game and have no right to judge on that. If this is my discussion, it is my and if you don't like it, stay out. I don't need your cencorship. Thank you.

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    2. [SK] - TeR*Zehnbauer

      [SK] - TeR*Zehnbauer

      Man are you serious, Chinezen? If you are unhappy with your feed, you can unfollow me. I would have contacted this person private but I cannot.

      The only thing I care about is the rules and if this ever happens, an ingame admin's order. But, he gave no order, he was just parking there for no reason. Again, I asked him twice why he is blocking there and the only answer I got was ”I am right” and ”it's ok to park here”. He didn't say anything about doing his admin duties or anything. He even admitted that he was “only parking here“. An admin is also oblidged to follow the rules, like the police in real life. Isn't that common knowledge? Just becasue you drive a fancy car (police car) doesnt give you the right to abuse the rules. And as you can see there is also a green car next to him, which is no admin. Another reason why this is ok. Now, claimed that it's ok in this situation and not ok in another situation is stupid and ironic at the same time.

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