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  1. This might have already been mentioned, but if it has not, I'll say this. I hate how I cannot voice my opinion on how I am starting to dislike TruckersMP greatly for most of their rules. I went on a big rant on Twitter and also insulted them on how my ban is straight up absurd. This ended up with me getting my ban extended from 2-3 days, to 1 whole week. (This was before the rule, "This can situationally apply on other services".) This makes me think that TruckersMP is kindergarden where kids are expected to behave like little angels, and not disobey any rules. What do you think is gonna happen if someone gets cut off many times by a small car that can potentially ruin their day? They will most likely get lit up with rage, and voice their opinion on how mental they are. But in TruckersMP, we are expected to keep our mouth shut, and treat everyone with kindness and respect.
  2. Playing a game where I crash every 1-5 minutes... GG TruckersMP -_-

    1. LouiDashcam


      and i never crashed :P 

  3. idk how i feel about your profile photo...

    1. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      Dont be jealous of this extremely sexy man, you can be beautiful like him too! :)

  4. Sexiest man alive in that profile photo

  5. Yo do you have a Furry Amino account?

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    2. FozzyGuy


      There's a link on my profile 

      Also if you search for fozzyguy I should show up as FMUK | FozzyGuy-YT 

    3. BDoSCT_Foxx


      @FozzyGuy sorry for replying 2 months late :(! I just sent ya a friend request.

    4. FozzyGuy


      Lol ok, I'll check it out

  6. I love playing ETS2 with snow, especially since I am Texan and don't see snow often. I was wondering when the glory would be removed from the game. Also, I have seen a "Winter Mod" checkbox in my tab settings, and wondered if I would be able to turn it on when the mod is removed.
  7. I cannot believe this truck looks like a furry!
  8. Dood! I see it! This is the best post to ever be on this forum!
  9. I wonder if other players custom plates will show up.
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