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  1. Mert

    Invisible barrier

    Hi. As i watched the video is not some "invisible barrier" is random event inside the game but because of some reason on mp is not visible. So you can better close from game settings ESC/SETTINGS/GAMEPLAY you will see there. " https://prnt.sc/lpdplw "
  2. @Nataliia You didnt give answer to me but to the others well
  3. Am i allowed? Nothing is duplicate it just part from daf xf 105 and scania streamline At night: https://prnt.sc/l5flv8 At morning: https://prnt.sc/l5fm7y And also i found this :https://prnt.sc/l5fssb I hope nothing has changed in the rules... waiting for your answer @Nataliia
  4. Mert

    Speed hack and deleted account

    That's why they are using the speedhack, ncz etc. If these player are not banned when they are using the mod (in game ofcourse) after they close the game they will remove the account immediately soo is not possible to ban that guy.
  5. Mert

    ETS2 Savegame Editor

    The program is so great its to easy to use 10/10 but there is one problem i created today some new profile i taked 2 time job to earn money and tp there was also some problem with TP mostly we all did with cheat engine but when i tryed and found the code after i change it, it was still the same level so i edited that to on "quicksave" after i was done and ready to go online(mp) i taked a wot job after 2 or 3 minute the game gives error on gps and says "World of Truck connection. Unable to save your progress." i just keep driving and hope it will save it and i keep driving.... But ofcourse not after i drived 15km or something like that the truck is stopping on the road like you pressed F1 on singleplayer and gives again an error "SYNCHRONIZATION" "Internal error. The net.logmight contain more info. After 3 hours i created again new profile without the program "Savegame Editor" its working great 1,000km drived no error nothing.. EDIT: I download it from the first page.
  6. Bildiğim kadarıyla kurt eksoz olarak (orda burda) sunulan modları kullanmak kalıcı ban sebebi admin mod Allah ne verdiyse baya bir yarısına sordum cevaplarını aldım her ne kadar onlarda pek emin olmasalarda sözde perma ban sebebi sebep ne diye sorduğumda ise biz tırın kornasını ve o güzel sesini duyarken yanımızdan geçen her bir kişi bizim tırın sesini duymuyor yani elektirikli tır gibi sessiz ve adminin dediğine göre kalabalık bir yerde bir kişinin arkasından sürerken o kişi senden hiçbirşey duymiyacağı için kazaya sebep olabilir (saçma bence ben oyunda bütün oyuncuların kornasından tut geri vites hepsini kapatıyorum)