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  1. Damn I saw @Blunts reaction too late. Although I tried reinstalling EST2 like 2 times and it still kept crashing. What i did now to fix it for myself was that i just uninstalled ETS2 and TruckersMP and deleted all my profiles and saves. I then installed ETS2 and started a new profile and save. (You can start over again or download a profile from internet if you had alot like me.) Then I bought back all my garages again and everything and installed TruckersMP. I do not have any crashes anymore. Fast travel works and Double B trailers work completely fine with no problems.
  2. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Keyboard + Thrustmaster T300RS Description of Issue: When i park my truck with my own Double B trailer on the assigned spot and then start the load. The screen with the loading bar comes up and the time and then my whole computer just freezes and i have to restart. How to reproduce: Take a job with a Double B trailer. Screenshots / Videos: None cause video's get corrupted from freeze and i can't take screenshots when frozen. I try to pick up a job from Aalborg to Uppsala. I tried to do this offline and there it just works normally. I can take jobs with for example the Krone flat trailer. EDIT: Just tried to fast travel with the Double B trailer. Same thing the whole game crashes. I don't have any mods or nothing.
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