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  1. TMP is trying to address two problems at the same time: enhanced simulation and less reckless drivers. I really believe this is the way forward, however, I highly doubt it will reduce the number of reckless drivers as it stands now (cause that needs specific measures) and I have the idea people dislike the reduced server choice. However, I might have a solution to address all those problems at the same time: 1) New players start with a full simulation experience. This will prove them that they should take this game seriously. After a certain period with no bans (e.g. 1 month) and a minimum amount of hours logged, they get access to servers with more 'freedom' (e.g. higher speed limits, cars, etc.). 2) Based on many reactions I read, please give players a choice of servers with different properties: Simulation 1 - Full simulation: trucks 90km/h, cars 130 km/h Simulation 2 - trucks 110 km/h, cars 150 km/h (or different) Arcade 1 Arcade 2 This idea can be adjusted easily to make it fit. I believe this would enhance the simulation aspect, remove trouble caused by new players and give players the choice at the same time. I look forward to your opinion on this suggestion.
  2. The forum post received a major overhaul ! See you at our upcoming events. Kind regards, Convoy Security Group CEO Volvotrebla
  3. I can definitely recommend Euro-Trans International. They have very friendly staff and weekly meetups! Convoy Security Group is proud to be one of their top partners! Keep on trucking! Convoy Security Group CEO, Volvotrebla
  4. A view behind the scenes of a Heavy Haulage Training! Book your private escort today on www.consecgroup.org/
  5. Our website has been escorted to its new home address! You can now find us on: http://www.consecgroup.org/ http://discord.consecgroup.org/ Kind regards, Convoy Security Group CEO Volvotrebla
  6. Our 4 Year Anniversary Event was fabulous! Thanks to over 300 truckers for all Anniversary wishes! We are so happy to be part of this wonderful community.
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