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  1. Happy Birthday :)

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      Thanks Linciano!

  2. I prefer the Titan Apline, it isn't new, and I doubt it would be added to the game, but at least it is what I prefer. The pic is actually the truck from another truck sim game I have called Rig'n'Roll. I am however unable to insert a pic of it due to my stupid phone.
  3. Well, I use to be in a VTC, and it closed its doors recently. I am unsure if I should look for a 4th VTC, as it has not been 4 months since I joined my first VTC. Ever since I was introduced to VTCs by a friend, I always looked for a vtc that won't go corrupt and close its doors. The first VTC I was in closed its doors a week or so after I joined, and I am still unsure why to this day, the second one closed its doors after some argument amongst the staff and then a week later the boss of that VTC decided he couldn't keep the company running for much longer, and the third one closed its doors after some argument between the upper staff and the boss about something that happened in GTA 5 and then later the upper staff decided to drill a new one and well.... yeah, I don't want to recall what happened, but it caused the final convoy not to happen. I am in for a VTC that won't have these issues, but also understand I also have some of the things I am dealing with that will take a considerable amount of time away from being able to do convoys and such, and would also understand I can't be in big convoys due to my pc being a pain and low FPS, especially around 10+ players. But I also don't go looking for VTCs, I just decide whether or not to join them when asked by them. Sooo, yeah. As for what I look for, I look for respect of them members ( upper staff and the boss plus the normal "workers") towards each other, I look for a company that does not go reckless driving all over the place, I look for at least some of the company that follows the speed limit, because I feel uncomfortable pushing my trucks limit by driving over the speed limit, especially on some of the roads,I look for a company that understands some of what I am going through and how that would affect my ability to drive for them, and that is all I can think of for that.
  4. Yes, there has been snow in those places, and to be honest, the desert in Washington state is actually getting more snow than the rest of the state this winter. I have heard of snow in Arizona, though it is rare, and i have heard of snow in those other places you mentioned. Also, the only 3 states that is not being hammered in snow right now is Washington, Oregon, and California. The rest of the state's is getting more snow than those 3 states combined. So it can happen, and it is for some of those areas. The snow would only be more of a dry snow in those areas than what the rest of us get.
  5. True, ETS2 gets more updates and all, and it may be true that the states in ATS don't get much snow these years, but why should that matter in a game? And anyways, I used the snow mod for ATS in single player and it doesn't add much snow to the game. I live in the U.S. and seeing ETS2 get the snow mod support and ATS does not while we all know that yeah, we might not get much snow, we do get snow, so why does the game that is based around here have to be stuck in summer? I could go on about more problems I dislike in ATS MP like only the engine of the train goes by or at time the malfunctioning railroad gate that always flashes its light but there is no train coming according to my free cam search. But I have dealt with those since the beginning of me getting TMP a long time ago, and they aren't the topic of this discussion anyways. And by what was said, it just proves that yes, ATS is being treated unfairly by both SCS and TMP. Sure, you can't do as much since SCS does not do as much, but that shouldn't stop you guys from holding your own events in ATS or adding mod support for a mod like this like you guys do for ETS2. Of the time I had TMP, I have yet to see a single event hold by TMP in ATS, I only saw you guys watch over the traffic during the clean up of the mudslide event which by the way, was hold by SCS. Not a single event in ATS, and yet many in ETS2, so you can not say you are treating it equally.
  6. You call this crying over spilled milk? Excuse the F out of me, but this is a suggestion, not crying over spilt milk.
  7. Oh ok. Thanks for letting me know. First discussion here so I wasn't sure if it were in the right place.
  8. I played both ATS MP and ETS2 MP and ETS2 MP has a winter mod you can get for it while in ATS MP you can't. So I was wondering if I should suggest it. I talked with my VTC (Vitural Trucking Company) and they were wondering the same thing. So I suggested that we ask. So here I am. What would you think about a winter mod for ATS MP?
  9. I think that they will do a great job... They keep getting better and better with their dlc's. Now I do have to admit I do not have anything other than the base map, so I can't really say that they did a good job on the previous map DLCs other than make the assumption that they did so a good job... I am hopefully how ever going to get them soon ☺
  10. Well, the survey was mainly nice. But one thing is that you had to use your MP link instead of using your MP name.... But I understand why.
  11. Well I try to stay in my lane and stay at a somewhat slow speed when I end up entering a heavily populated area, though my speed may be slow at time due to my FPS dropping below 10 FPS. And I would try to get out soon as I can, but it certainly doesn't help matters when people are impatient and overtake me at a intersection when I turn right or left and though they are not in the correct lane to make the turn, and I get my truck not and I end up doing a 180° before I know it. So I do try to avoid them by getting on the server when it is less full, and if I am on it when it does get full, just try to avoid the area all together. But at times I can not get out in time before it really starts eating my FPS so I try to pull over and stay out of the way of the road, like pulling over in a grassy spot if a parking lot isn't nearby. And I try to wait it out. As for those with beacons on in these areas, I suggest that they turn them off, cause those beacons due as well eat my FPS quite badly. when the population dies down a little so my FPS is back above or at 10 FPS, then I continue to my destination, where ever that may be. I think that the admins and moderators should at least pay attention to the intersections a bit more, cause that is where I have most of my issues with traffic. And they should probably also pay some attention to those who are speeding into the congested roads cause they seem to try and speed through and end up making a big crash site if not plow right through it all. I certainly don't like having to use F7 in these areas cause then I am most certainly not going to make it more than 300 meters away from the repair shop without having to use it several times or without being teleported back to the repair shop by a admin because I was it and ended up doing a 180° . So I think there is plenty of room for improvement on both the players side and the admin and moderators side.
  12. Well, I see upsides and downsides. However, I will admit that I have not played the beta long so I can't say much. upsides We can now have our own custom trailers We can now get any type ( however limited to the type of trailer you have) of cargo for our trailer instead of being limited to one trailer for the cargo Convoys can actually look like convoys of you are like me and can't find a trailer that goes to the same place as the convoy goes to and tags along without a trailer Downsides in a "silly" way I think that traffic jams become more possible of happening ( though I could be wrong) And in a way a line at the gas station could become longer and end up on the road if people were to carry their trailers everywhere. Not that it is a bad thing, but to hopefully see what I am trying to say... But overall I think it would be a nice and in a way a good thing. ☺
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