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  1. [ET-INT] s0b1esk1_86

    EuroTrans-International [Recruiting]

    Thank you very much guys
  2. [ET-INT] s0b1esk1_86

    EuroTrans-International [Recruiting]

    We thank you all of you who are part of our corporate and international convoys. For those who want to be part of a relaxing convoy, you can join every Thursday at 19:30 BST or Sunday at 19:30 BST. For more details on our convoy, check out here
  3. [ET-INT] s0b1esk1_86

    EuroTrans-International [Recruiting]

    Thank you Phon. It is also an honor for us to work with you. You are our first escort company and we will continue to work with you. You are awesome
  4. [ET-INT] s0b1esk1_86

    EuroTrans-International [Recruiting]

    If you want to be part of our company or public convoy you are always welcome. Watch our convoy here .
  5. [ET-INT] s0b1esk1_86

    EuroTrans-International [Recruiting]

    Yes, sure. I'm glad to hear that. Type on our page to get to know you. EuroTrans - Facebook page
  6. [ET-INT] s0b1esk1_86

    EuroTrans-International [Recruiting]

    We are expecting you
  7. [ET-INT] s0b1esk1_86

    [BG] Bulgarian Team/Discussion

    Благодаря ти @Batslav Вярно е, при всеки има някакви проблеми от към лагване във играта особенно при висок брой присъстващи по конвойте или при преминаване през градските части на картата. Доста често се случва да попадаме на лагове от сървъра, но това както казваш ти е неизбежно
  8. Good night everyone :P

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      Good Night ;)

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      Good night!!!:D

  9. [ET-INT] s0b1esk1_86

    EuroTrans-International [Recruiting]

    Thanks guys
  10. Best escort company & Best partners for me in ETS2
  11. Good night everyone.

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      Goodnight :D 

  12. Good night everyone

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      Good Night ^_^ 

  13. Next my Truck Fest destination this year is here Truck Fest UK 29&30 Jun or maybe Peterborough 5&6 May