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  1. Hello colleagues and friends. The convoy begins shortly. Everyone is welcome. Let's have fun and the convoy will pass successfully. We are expecting you
  2. 🇧🇬 Здравейте приятели и колеги. Предлагам тази вечер от 19:30(BST)/ 20:30(CEST)/ 21:30(EEST) часа да се съберем във Мюнхен (големият паркинг) и ще караме до Милано. Сървър: Simulation 2 Navigation mode: Shortest Комуникация: Канал 10 по радио станцията


    🇪🇺 Hello friends and colleagues. I suggest that we meet in Munich (the large parking lot) at 19:30(BST)/ 20:30(CEST)/ 21:30(EEST) tonight and drive to Milan. Server: Simulation 2 Navigation mode: Shortest Communication: Channel 10 on the radio station

  3. Thanks for the follow!

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      Моля. За нищо

  4. The idea for founding the Bulgarian Rose Company [BGR] came at the beginning of May. For several months, I researched Bulgarian companies and came across 3 companies that agreed to join my idea and become a big family. Here, today, 01.09.2019 this idea has come true and is already a fact. Thank you all for being a part of our big Bulgarian family Everyone is welcome
  5. ] Bulgarian Rose (End of Summer 2019 ) > ETS2C Link: https://ets2c.com/view/82627/et-ints0b1esk1-86-roscoff-sea-port > Date - 08/09/2019 (Sunday) > Server: Simulation 2 > Meeting time: 12:30(BST)/ 13:30(CEST)/ 14:30(EEST) > Departure time: 13:00(BST)/ 14:00(CEST)/ 15:00(EEST) > Starting point: Sea Port, Roscoff (France) : https://imgur.com/X6QYoMB > End Point: Sea Port, Amsterdam (Netherlands) https://imgur.com/fRRNzS6 > Convoy route: https://imgur.com/a/8r3sHqX > Navigation mode: Shortest > Required DLC: France > Communication: CB channel:10 > Preferred Speeds: - Urban areas:30-40 km/h. - Country roads: 45-60 km/h. - Highways: 70-80 km/h. Important Notes: -Please come with full tanks of fuel, as this is a long convoy and we are not stopping. -EuroTrans International (ET-INT) departs first and is directly behind the convoy leader. Book your slot here: https://forms.gle/uNxSnTPfiR1vGZjH7 Check back regularly for our convoys / events at the following link: https://www.eurotransinternational.com/upcoming-events !!>Rules <!! > All TruckersMP rules apply! > No trolling! > No blocking! > No shouting on the CB radio! > Respect convoy staff and other participants! > No spamming and advertisements in the game chat! > Keep a safe distance from the truck in front of you: (80 мeters or more) ! We are looking forward to seeing you Make sure to check your TimeZone here guys:https://everytimezone.com/s/1e9d24ca TruckersMP is a slot made for you if any of you can support the convoy. Thanks in advance

    Hello colleagues. It is with great joy and honor that I would like to announce our Company Website to be officially opened and completed in its entirety. Share your opinion. Thank you


    All we have to do is translate the site into several languages, but it will take some time

    There you can now watch the convoy, events, etc.

  7. EuroTrans-International (ET-INT) търси нови квалифицирани водачи, за да изгради и разшири нашият международен отдел. Ние горещо приветстваме хора от цял свят, които се радват на шофиране, желаят да участват в конвои и като цяло обичат да играят ETS2. Ние сме екип от опитни шофьори, които играят по правилата на TruckersMP и спазват законите за движение. Гордеем се с добрата си репутация сред другите международни Виртуални фирми. Ние предлагаме: Приятна спокойна семейна атмосфера. Шанс за участие в нашите ежедневни дискове; фирмени, публични и международни конвои. Перспективи за кариерно развитие и печелене на награди въз основа на добро представяне на фирмено и международно ниво. 4. Шанс да сбъднете вашите ETS2 мечти, като работите с нас по нашите фирмени проекти и реализирате идеи и предложения. Вземете най-доброто от ETS2 шофьорски опит, като се присъедините към нашата Виртуална фирма! Запиши се сега Кандидатите трябва: Да са на 15 или повече години. Да имат повече от 240 часа време за игра на Steam. Да притежават прилични шофьорски и паркинг умения. Да участвате в нашите конвои (винаги когато могат) Препоръчва се играчите да имат всички DLC карти Mighty Griffin tuning pack Daf tuning pack Heavy cargo Special Transport High-power cargo Wheel tunning pack Michelin fan pack Discord server: CLICK HERE Web site: EuroTrans-International
  8. Happy B-Day from EuroTrans-International mate. I wish you all good

    1. [RLC CC] dylanh68

      [RLC CC] dylanh68

      Thank you mate

  9. Good evening guys 

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      Good Evening ^_^

  10. Благодаря, добре съм. Ти как си ? Няма много голяма активност тук и за това не се навъртам много често тук
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