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  1. ↑ Если не сложно, объясните почему стоит отключить эти дорожные происшествия?!
  2. Ценник 699 рублей. Можно через Швецию или Финляндию поехать. Думаю, там будет меньше пробок. В Польше будет новая ДД - очередь из желающих попасть в Россию. ))
  3. Дождь, траффик и штрафы надо синхронизировать.
  4. Нет информации, когда разработчики добавят поддержку мультиплеера под 1.33?
  5. Well. Solved. 1. Write letter to support devs. 2. SCS Software Tech Support send special token with your Steam. 3. They delete my second account. 4. I can linked ATS on my main profile. Huh.
  6. Nope. I waiting answer from devs. As soon as they answer, I'll write a solution here.
  7. Thank you guys for try help! First, you can check my TruckMP. I know about profile set via Steam. Second, I wrote and sent a letter via e-mail: https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/support.php . Third, initially, it was necessary to write to them. I did not at first inattentively study the problem and thought that TruckersMP and developers are one organization. P.S. I have 1 account here and i hope devs help me.
  8. Hello. Community Manager Anriandor give me link on this forum. Here my problem with ATS on main profile: Yesterday there was an error. Due to my extension to the browser, I could not normally bind ATS to the main account from Kesha_F1. I had to register one more account on KeshaF1. This is the mail of my team. I ask you to untie and delete the account KeshaF1, and linked the ATS to my main account Kesha_F1. When i disable my extention (uBlock origin), i can see green button Steam https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/change_account.php I hope you can help me. Best
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