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  1. Something a little different with some American Truck photos of my latest travels.
  2. Some photos that I taken after a convoy I helped CC for hosted by @MrG_uk | @NHT7.260 Callam at RTLVTC. More photos coming soon!
  3. Yes, you have guessed it. It's time to show off some of my latest photos while making the loads count for the VTC. Enjoy the latest photos I have taken. Let me know what you think.
  4. Checking out the new weather & time setting within the photo mode 🤩



  5. You back!


    Welcome back.

    1. Doxxyz


      thanks slammed  good to be back 

  6. So then, the weekend is fast approaching. What are your plans? More trucking? I hope so. I have been busy sorting out a brand new beast; There will be more photos along the way, I promise. Why don't you also follow this topic or my forum profile don't worry I don't bite. Many Thanks.
  7. Taking a much needed breaking on ProMods 🚚




    Who's hyped for 1.40?

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photo 🥰 Looking forward to seeing 1.40 when mp updates 🙂

    2. Slammed_UK


      Thank you @Killua // Ireland ^_^ 

      Yeah I can't wait till the update neither.

  8. I'm back in my beloved Scania S730 😍


  9. Hello there Good Morning truckers, I hope we are doing well and staying safe. So it's been awhile since I posted some of my photos because of IRL, so without any more delay here are some photos; I hope you enjoy and rate these latest photos. Stay Safe. Have a great Saturday whatever you maybe doing. P.s who's hyped for 1.40?
  10. Good evening truckers, yes it's that time again. Here are some recent photos at the end of RLC Convoy. Many Thanks.
  11. Holla bruhh, how are you doing my friend.

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    2. Slammed_UK


      No worries, just hope your alright buddy. If you need ote DM innit.

    3. -Elvis-


      thankyou bro its great to know we have been good friends for so long lol 

    4. Slammed_UK


      Yeah boi. 

  12. Hello there truckers, How are we doing? Hope we're all doing all good. Just thought I would bring you with some of my latest photos from in-game. Many Thanks.
  13. Right then, here is another photo from the EHHVTC Company drive with heavy cargo ranging from a Mobile Crane to Concrete Beams.
  14. True about using imgur but to it's untidy using links all the time posting photos.
  15. Hello there Creepergamingboy , Would you be able to close the topic because my files are getting too big in size to upload anymore. Many Thanks.
  16. Hello there, got some more images for the Media Cave Image #1 Image #2 Image #3
  17. Hi there @EHHVTC l Creepergamingboy, Thank You muchly for updating my topic, means alot.
  18. These photos were taken over the Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  19. At least you guys are working hard to get 1.38 out to the players. to be honest wouldnt it be better if you guys wait for 1.39 or 1.40 updates..
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