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  1. Good evening truckers, yes it's that time again. Here are some recent photos at the end of RLC Convoy. Many Thanks.
  2. Holla bruhh, how are you doing my friend.

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    2. EHHVTC l SlammedKing

      EHHVTC l SlammedKing

      No worries, just hope your alright buddy. If you need ote DM innit.

    3. -Elvis-


      thankyou bro its great to know we have been good friends for so long lol 

    4. EHHVTC l SlammedKing
  3. Hello there truckers, How are we doing? Hope we're all doing all good. Just thought I would bring you with some of my latest photos from in-game. Many Thanks.
  4. Time for another pic, https://imgur.com/DNFkT8H
  5. Right then, here is another photo from the EHHVTC Company drive with heavy cargo ranging from a Mobile Crane to Concrete Beams.
  6. True about using imgur but to it's untidy using links all the time posting photos.
  7. Hello there Creepergamingboy , Would you be able to close the topic because my files are getting too big in size to upload anymore. Many Thanks.
  8. Hello there, got some more images for the Media Cave Image #1 Image #2 Image #3
  9. Hi there @EHHVTC l Creepergamingboy, Thank You muchly for updating my topic, means alot.
  10. These photos were taken over the Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  11. At least you guys are working hard to get 1.38 out to the players. to be honest wouldnt it be better if you guys wait for 1.39 or 1.40 updates..
  12. This maybe because once the TMP online servers have been update it will take a few days for them to calm down and resettle once again.
  13. I am still having the same problems and still no luck with the advise everyone has given me and also when i load up truckersmp on the ats side it gets to the login section and freezes... why is this
  14. Hello there TMP forum, This is my first post on the forum so I am putting it in the correct section, I am current;y having difficulty in signing on TruckersMP on the American Simulator side of things, my Euro Truck MP side is working as it should signs in and everything and able to drive with friends, and plus on the ATS side of things.. I have done all the correct things to be able to get online, eg 2 hours plus when in-fact I have done 262 hours altogether on Steam through ATS, and I have done the ETS2MP document copying and etc etc.. So.. is there anything I
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