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  1. Game: ETS2 Mod Version: Controllers used: Keyboard and mouse Description of issue: When you have the chat open and you shift+tab it bricks the game and you have to restart the game for the issue to disappear. You can't unpause the game or exit the chat. How to reproduce: 1. Open chat, don't send anything, just have it open. 2. Shift+Tab. 3. Try to unpause the game or exit the chat, it doesn't work. Screenshots / Videos: None
  2. Hello! I have some suggestions for beacon lighting for the Pilot Cars. Let's have lights in the rear windows, like the flashing lights from the front, but up by the third brake light in the rear. Also, more lightbars for the roofs. Police cars have three lightbars, plus the dome light. What if Pilot cars had more lightbar options, just instead of it saying "Police" have it say "Pilot". Also, another suggestion, small bull bars. Thoughts?
  3. Whoopsies

    What's the best mod you've ever played in this game?

    RJL Scania Trucks.
  4. Whoopsies

    wich is your favourite truck/car in ets2 (mp)

    Scania R. Reminds me of older trucks, and it's fun to drive and modify.
  5. Whoopsies

    Hot topic #4: CB

    Nope, no need to use it if you have Discord. The CB radio is always cluttered with screaming kids and people playing loud music, it gets very annoying.
  6. I like an even mix of both heavy and simple, I feel that if you do it right, it can look great.
  7. Whoopsies

    Scout Car / Pilot Car Speed Cap?

    Hello! This is my first Topic here, so I'm sorry if there are errors in my spelling, my delivery, etc. I've been using Scout Cars to drive to different cities and the speed always maxes out at 30 mp/h, and then slowly goes down to about 21 mp/h, and there seems to be no way to fix this. Even on the highway these cars will go this slow. What's going on? It's annoying, lol.