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  1. SR^[226]^ku

    中国 SR Team 欢迎您的加入

    欢迎您加入 China SR Team SR Team系属本体车队,目前为国内最大的本体车队,不需要任何DLC 车队总人数 300人 SR Team CEO SR^[001]^ku~ku SR Team Executive VP SR^[350]^FN SR Team Command Director SR^[269]^LU SR Team Diplomatic Manager SR^[484]^xiao ying 语音聊天 YY 330525 QQ群 674861577 我们的网站 https://bk17685347-1.icoc.bz/ 我们的联运截图 https://ibb.co/TgvWsX9 https://ibb.co/R44VZWh
  2. SR^[226]^ku

    Winter mod - DLC or TMP

    I agree with you.
  3. SR^[226]^ku

    When is winter mod coming back?

    Let's look forward to the return of the winter model.
  4. SR^[226]^ku

    The Last Post Wins!

    I don't know what to do, just send this sentence, haha ha.
  5. SR^[226]^ku

    The_FalcoN's Gallery

    The cars in these pictures are so handsome. I like them.
  6. SR^[226]^ku

    No plug-in response

    Open online plug-in prompt, no response has been reinstalled many times, suddenly this is the case, how is this?
  7. SR^[226]^ku

    Guide the car

    Yeah, thanks.
  8. SR^[226]^ku

    Guide the car

    Why did you have this car? Was it a code change? https://prnt.sc/lvztmo
  9. SR^[226]^ku

    Skoda LED flash lamp.

    This update, updated skoda, blue LED flash light, I love this light, because it looks much more handsome than the previous light, when can they change to the yellow warning light that players can use? I love this LED flash!
  10. SR^[226]^ku

    Allow AI models to be used

    I think skoda is enough. After all, it's not very good for car compatibility.
  11. SR^[226]^ku

    TruckersMP stream calendar

    Thank you very much.
  12. SR^[226]^ku

    About illegal refitting

    Oh, I see. Thank you.
  13. SR^[226]^ku

    About illegal refitting

    Is this illegal modification?
  14. SR^[226]^ku

    Game "Cities"