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  1. T.E.M

    Changes to the recruitment system

    hello, new system is a nice, thank you and good job! best regards.
  2. T.E.M

    Flashing lights

    Hello mate, I think it's not a good idea, You can create a topic in the Suggestions section. best regards.
  3. Hey dostum 


    takımdan ayrılma üzücü,

    umarım geri dönersin.

    1. RequieB


      Tekrar geri dönicem :) Teşekkürler

  4. T.E.M

    Most popular truck

    Hello mate, I would have to say the Next Generation Scania R/S. is the best. best regards.
  5. T.E.M

    Changes to the recruitment system

    Hello mate, thanks for posting looks great! Best regards.
  6. T.E.M

    Getting jobs with double trailer outside Scandinavia

    Hello mate, Unfortunately, you can't. SCS decided to limit double trailer jobs to the territory of Scandinavia. Best regards.
  7. T.E.M

    No brake/indicator lights on krone trailer

    Hello mate, Brake lights and indicators is a very important thing to driving, krone trailers dlc is the very dangerous. best regards.
  8. T.E.M


    hello mate, good idea but first dlc map in the going east countrıes maps. best regards.
  9. T.E.M


    Selam dostum! önce steam kütüphaneni aç, sonra özellikler/betalar sekmesini açıp hiçbir betaya katılmayı seçerek online oynayabilirsiniz. saygılarımla.
  10. T.E.M

    Truck of the year 2019, should come to ets 2

    Hello mate, ford trucks looks beautıful. but a rip-off mercedes. best regards.
  11. T.E.M

    What do you think is the worst road in the game?

    hello mate, SURE C-D WAY BEST REGARDS.
  12. T.E.M

    What do you do when you see a crash?

    hello mate, and first I'm dodge to the right. because it is trust. best regards.
  13. Hello mate! all dlc and 133 garage in the ets 2.
  14. Congrulations your new position!


    good luck mate.

    1. -VOYVODA-


      thank you so much mate ♥

  15. T.E.M

    New Support System

    looks great, thank you and good job, because it's succesfull.