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  1. JustJonas

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    banned because of an overused meme.
  2. JustJonas

    rainbow double trailers

    I'm probably too lazy to do that, but thank you for finding this out and sharing your knowledge with the community.
  3. JustJonas

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    banned for being a cat with butter on it that's driving a truck while trying to ban users.
  4. JustJonas

    Truckersmp-forum rank

    Hello there @burkanss, first of all, this is the link to every forum rank: As you can see, you earn your rank by being active in the forums. However, by having a good forum rank, you won't get any advantage over others, neither in-game or in the forums. Let me know if I helped you out! Kind Regards, Jonas
  5. JustJonas

    Can I use AI wheels on scout cars?

    Hi there, this is the link to the TMP rules. There you can find an article about your issue. https://truckersmp.com/rules As you can see, save editing ai wheels on a car is permitted, however they must be visible to other players.
  6. If you are reading this, you are most likely here to see if the servers are down. Yes, they are. The staff team is looking into website and ingame issues, be patient.

  7. Hey there, I think some of TMP's players might be getting bored of driving the same route day for day, at least the players that do so. So imagine, that you were able to choose the next highly populated area on the map. What would it be and why? Which route would people drive day for day? Would you be annoyed because of it? Let me know, I am excited to see your answers.
  8. Just on time for the weekend, SCS dropped the new TGX E6 and it is sickkk! Did you try it already? What are your best pictures with it? Feel free to post it in here... I'll start. Have a great weekend!
  9. 6666 players trucking o,oimage.png.97272132713add0230f0b440515a0555.png

  10. How has your day been?


    1. AmiriM#4530


      it was a good day.I hope it's the same for you too... :wub:

    2. JustJonas


      Yeah, mine was pretty good too, thanks!


    3. Averazon


      Hope you had a great day :)

  11. JustJonas

    Ford F-Max

    Having a Ford in the game would be a nice feature I guess. I like the fact that the people behind SCS try their best to provide more content even after the seven years that has passed after ETS2 was released.
  12. JustJonas

    The Rules; Ramming

    Hi, I see no reason to change rule §2.2, since ramming is ramming. Players have agreed to the rules and consequences if those are not held when creating their account and first joining TMP servers. Apologizing after ramming someone doesn't reduce possible damage after the crash, you apologize to feel better afterward, but it shouldn't be a reason to not punish or reducing a player's punishment. This is the reason for my disagreement.
  13. JustJonas

    /fix or f7

    Hi, that depends on the situation I am in. If I have am able to drive on without causing a blockage on the road and if it is available, I would use the /fix command. If I am on the side after crashing into someone/something, I would f7 as soon as possible to reduce unnecessary blockage of traffic. I don't understand people who try to ram their friends who crashed when they could just f7 since ramming gets them banned.
  14. Great, had a 50hr drive from Brest to Turku and someone had to ram me which made me loose 27k.

    Thanks to you if you are reading this. :p