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Status Updates posted by Scullllly

  1. For everyone having the 'Unsupported Game version' You need to downgrade your game! ETS version 1.22.x ATS version 1.1.x

    This post will help you.


  2. Just a friendly PSA: If you have a ban do it the correct way by clicking the link here --->http://truckersmp.com/appeals Don't go around Private Messaging or commenting on staff statuses asking about bans. They will be ignored and may incur a increase in ban length. Thanks....

    1. SprinterFS


      Another kind reminder: If you want to talk with any staff member(except asking for unban), please use PM system, instead of reporting their contents.

  3. Getting ready for a evening stream of my admin work. http://www.twitch.tv/fatal6489 if you wanna join in and have a chat

    1. turbonutter69


      How long roughly? I might watch the stream on my laptop whilst having a drive in Mp.

    2. Scullllly


      On stream now buddy

    3. turbonutter69


      Ok i'll come along and watch the stream for a bit. Soon be time for some food. :-)

  4. Congratulations to Molovo for winning the 2nd copy of The new Scandinavian DLC!

  5. But! Thanks to IGA Bristol I have another copy to give away!!!!!!! RAFFLE WILL CLOSE IN 1 HOUR GO GO http://www.twitch.tv/fatal6489

  6. Congratulations to Uunium for winning the raffle!

  7. 5 MINUTE WARNING for the new DLC giveaway http://www.twitch.tv/fatal6489

  8. Giveaway in 1 Hour! Come join in on the fun! http://www.twitch.tv/fatal6489

  9. Now Streaming live! http://www.twitch.tv/fatal6489 NEW DLC GIVEAWAY TONIGHT!!!!!!

  10. To help celebrate the release of the new Scandinavian Release when I stream later i will be giving one lucky person a copy of the DLC! I will announce on here when i will be online!

    1. turbonutter69


      That's very kind of you... Good luck people. :-)

    2. [T-Eagles] Rana AnasCEO

      [T-Eagles] Rana AnasCEO

      Thanks buddy let me know when you start broadcast

      (A needy person :P)

  11. Going to stream some admin work! http://www.twitch.tv/fatal6489 Feel free to join and have a chat

  12. Sleep is for the weak :D

    1. budhabuth


      Does this affect your judgement with the banhammer?

    2. budhabuth


      Sorry matey alcohol kicking in - enjoy life w/o me for the next 7 days

    3. budhabuth


      i appologize matey, was not meant to go this far

  13. Merry Christmas fellow truckers. Have fun during the festive period!

  14. Is now a forum mod :) Thanks for the opportunity :D

    1. AbbieGator



  15. Yay TS3 is back online

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