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Community Answers

  1. Happy birthday! :HaulieLove:

  2. Happy Birthday Fatal

  3. This is not a bug. This is because the time in-game on the multiplayer is server side and not client side. As you have hired drivers if you log back in after a few days your profile day/time will be out of sync once connected it will sync back up and you will gain money with the difference in time from hired drivers.
  4. May sound like a silly question but you are running a x64 (64-bit) operating system aren't you?
  5. No it doesn't the only mods we allow on TMP is the ones listed in topic below and using other profiles/cheating money in.
  6. The reason was that the user was already punished with the evidence you supplied. If you looked at his previous ban, the video is the same place same time. The reason it's tagged @BANBYMISTAKE is so that it's flagged with the devs so it can be removed as there is no need for that ban on the players history.
  7. For everyone having the 'Unsupported Game version' You need to downgrade your game! ETS version 1.22.x ATS version 1.1.x

    This post will help you.


  8. hi how are  you

    1. Ashley


      he is fine



    2. El1teZombiezHD


      He is Fine, he doesn't deal with ban appeals on the forum so go take your reason to be unbanned here

    3. Kibatsume


    Hayır, bu kesinlikle bir yalan olması için dikkatli izleyin videoyu, önce ben kaybettim benim denge ve araba, ben zaten bariyel geldi arkamda ve bana isabet ederken sen çaba için birlikte değilim burada hakaret ve küfür haksız zaten ben yaptım bir kaç hata, Tamam, ben kabul, ama lütfen söyle bana ben olduğumu soruyor bana ve beni geride, ben çabalamaya açık fren bilerek değil izleyin bana geri, Lütfen küfür yok küfür ve hakaret asla orada ilk yere gitmek için F7 ben üzgünüm, senin sorduğun için lütfen ban açın Hizmeti tarafından





  10. Hello Fatal....I have a question because a report, u answered from me....


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AlibertSchrank



      sry bad english

    3. heyhococo


      @AlibertSchrank What are you asking him? Are you asking why a report was declined?

    4. Scullllly


      This has been sorted via PM 

  11. Dear Fatal, Good night! The NL Brazil Logistics thanks in advance for your contribution in reporting our reports. We are a company super organized and that values by respecting the rules of TrucksMP. I thank you personally and all administrators for their reports. Best regards Rayden Owner NL Brazil Logistics www.nllogisticabrasil TeamSpeak: nllogisticabrasil.ts3mg.com.br rayden @ nllogisticabrasil

  12. Crash logs would be a huge help as with what you are describing it could be literally anything. ETS2: Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > game.crash ETS2MP: Documents > ETS2MP > logs > client_DD_MM_YYYY ATS: Documents > American Truck Simulator > game.crash ATSMP Documents > ATSMP > logs > client_DD_MM_YYYY You can copy the contents to http://pastebin.com/ and post the URL as a reply/edited OP and the community/staff will be able to offer support!
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