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  1. Hey there! When you're going to do some external jobs, (it doesn't matter that the job is own trailer, or not) you've to use the latest version of the game. World of Trucks isn't compatible backwards, so you're right. If you've played on your profile with 1.38 in singleplayer, and then you downgrade to 1.37, and use the same profile (with which you played 1.38) that may be a possible problem (because saves also aren't compatible backwards through the game versions). If the problem isn't with the profiles reverse compatiblity, try to remove/unlink World of Trucks in the game files (because maybe it is linked, even if the game doesn't show this). - World of Trucks connection data (e-mail and password) is stored in: Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles/<your profile/profiles>/profile.sii -> in the profile.sii, scroll down to the bottom until you find to lines: online_user_name and online_password (you need an SII_Decrypt to make the file "readable"). If there is anything between the quotes, clear it, and just leave the two quotes both lines, without a space between them. If your problem isn't solved, send a crash log, and we could help more, or try to verify integrity of game files on Steam -> ETS2 -> properties -> local files (to be honest I don't think that this will solve the problem, but without a crash log, give it a try). Regards, kinit, the elegant sponge
  2. Happy Birthday!🎂

  3. Hey there! I completed most of the events in singleplayer for a while, but now I've started doing these things on multiplayer, if it's possible. The Operation Genoa Bridge event was quite fun in multiplayer, for ex.: staying for 20 minutes to go 5 meters forward.
  4. Hey there! @CiaranOg78 is right, if you try to avoid crowded areas, you can prevent these bugs. There is nothing you can do against it currently. Be patient, as all of us and it is going to be fixed. Maybe the following article's first question, which is answered by Lasse explains the problem a little more accurate :
  5. Congratulations, and have a good time! 🎉:mlg_doge:

    1. Polyxena [GER]

      Polyxena [GER]

      Thank you very much! 😊

  6. Hey there! I've been a member of Prime Logistics for 2 weeks (I know, this isn't a lot of time, however I have such a good/great experience during this little time), and I think this VTC has everything you wrote above, so let me explain: - It has a 'privately owned and made job logging system', in this case this is known as 'Prime Logistics tracker', you may have seen it before on discord from the members of this VTC (displayed as a custom state, 'game activity'). - The community is very-very good and active as well as open to new drivers. (based on my experience) - You can climb up the ladder, reaching various roles/ranks within the VTC by driving (a lot), and being a member of the VTC. - You could be a member a lot of departments as well, like convoy control. - There are community events, like weekly convoys, and we're also participating on other convoys, like Harmony Covoys. (the stakeholders are notified on discord as well as on twitter) - I'm quite sure in there are both veterans, and newbies among the (more than) 500 members. To sum these things up I might say this VTC meets your criteria but (of course), this is your choice! Regards, kinit, the elegant sponge
  7. Hey! I'd be also welcome to see old(er) trucks from companies that're already in-game, to give an example, like you, I would like to drive with an old Volvo F(10-13) series, just for the feeling, and It'd be fun too. And I'd love to see some other type of trucks incl. a little bit smaller 'box trucks' as well.
  8. Hi! When I bought the base game (around 2014-2015), I didn't really heard about the multiplayer, I was playing singleplayer until I found TMP (it was around the end of 2016, beginning of 2017). Since that I've been playing, driving on TMP, and not really in singleplayer. As written above, I'd also recommend to buy the game, just like for the experience.
  9. For me it depends on what type of road I'm currently driving on. 90kph/55mph is the perfect speed for me (because I don't play with maximum stability settings). For example: driving on C-D road with 110kph has 2 endings (maybe 3): maybe you'll survive the trip with 20-30% cargo damage or you'll collide with a player who has the highest ping ever seen. I'd rather drive with 110kph on roads where there aren't many people and going with 80-90kph where the roads are crowded.
  10. Hali, a mondhatni "main" kamionom egy nem túlzottan komplikált DAF XF 105, egy-két helyen DLC elemekkel (felhasznált dlck: Hungarian Paint Jobs Pack, XF Tuning Pack, ill. Krone Trailer Pack). A kép pedig az orosz-litván határnál lévő hídon készült.
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