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  1. Hello! Welcome to the survival guide to parking! *Any and all information can and will be updated to be correct. Welcome to my guide and tips on parking in ATS. I recently found that its rather difficult parking in tight spaces based on a few things. To get started I'm going to share the (what I think) is the most useful knowledge for the game in the parking world. Tip #1: When ever you can use a shorter framed truck! Shorter frames make you smaller and easier to maneuver in these tight spaces. Don't get me wrong the longer frame can be used to park in these small areas but the smaller frame will help until you get the practice! (Small frame above) (Longer frame above) Tip #2: Less trailer axles the better! The less axles (set of tires each on the left and right side) make it so the trailer can maneuver better due to the fact is only is on fewer axles. Again don't get me wrong if you want a higher challenge you can take more axle trailers! (Images will be added once I find another job for it) To-do: * Tutorials for parking in specific places. * Images for trailers. * Add community tips and tricks.
  2. You can also download sound PLUGINS and they will work in multiplayer.
  3. How ya all doing ETS2MP?!

  4. It aint the new year in the us!

  5. ^ Thanks soooo much!!! I noticed before I picked the time it said "Current time: x" and I noticed its nothing like my local pc time so I just made it based off of that time!
  6. ^ Thank you very much for that but I do all of that but it doesnt show up.. almost as if the time (an hour ahead of the time I made the post) was already passed..
  7. I keep trying to make a convoy but it doesnt work. I would like to make it for in an hour but it wont do it... can anyone help?
  8. Very helpful for my wheel! Thanks much! Always wondered how to get them to work
  9. Thank you! I find lots of idiots that do things that are stupid so this helps a lot for me not to be one of them!
  10. Great to know all this stuff... some of this stuff I didnt even know so thanks much!
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