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Iron Spirit

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  1. I want to use this trailer skin for TMP so badly now


  2. Is there any love for the underdogs?

    I usually drive sub 500hp trucks and then I watch all the ADHD patients behind me go nuts
  3. What Transmision do you use?

    ETS2: J-Spec trucks 12 gear long ratio, everything else Allison 4500 ATS: Regular trucks Allison TC10 Heavy Haulers Allison 4700
  4. What engine do you use?

    Mostly engines in the 2000 - 2350Nm range, for heavy hauling trucks I use up to 2800Nm and for show trucks I use whatever I feel like using.
  5. Euro Truck Driver 2018




    1. 0zgur


      Do you know anything about 3d modeling? Can you draw 3d model truck for us? ;) 

    2. Iron Spirit

      Iron Spirit

      No I cannot and that's why I'm not trying to release a 2005 looking trucking game in 2018 especially when we already have ETS2.

  6. What do you use to record?

    OBS I tried Shadowplay but couldn't get the overlay and/or record buttons to work, I don't remember exactly.
  7. Turn up the volume!


  8. After hours of frustration I managed to finish it without the game crashing


    Driving video coming as soon as Kriechbaum finishes his latest V8 open pipe sound mod.

  9. Currently building a custom Scania for SP. Scrounging for mods, putting it all together and then finally:

    so yeah, back ot the drawing board

    1. Night TM

      Night TM

      hahahah :D sometimes mods is a perfect 

  10. [SCS Blog] Beyond the Baltic Sea

  11. Enjoying a nice coast to coast trip through Iceland:


  12. Do you think the new Scania has lost the 'spark' the old one had?

    Both are excellent in their own way it's just that now the older model has that nostalgic 'old love' feeling.
  13. Oldschool trucking with a ROMAN Diesel, another great mod created by MADster:


    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      wow great video. nice truck :P 

    2. David Edson

      David Edson

      Nice truck ! 

  14. This Scania turned out pretty well I have to say: