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  1. Maybe because you don't have the wheel tuning pack DLC and they are using bits from that?
  2. Yes it's more difficult than most drop off points, but that's what I like about ATS; there's more challenging stuff to do than ETS2 where you pretty much can just zip in everywhere and park your trailers with your eyes closed.
  3. ^ Well done. I still have to do that one.
  4. ^ That's the next step ofcourse. Very smooth parking btw One Two
  5. I'm starting to get the hang of this. Video links: Plaster & Sons Bushnell Farms Rail Export It changes immediately, sorry for late reply.
  6. I had to look into the scs files to see if this was actually a thing now because I didn't believe it at first. I'm glad to see that now no more a 450HP 2237Nm is exactly the same as a 500HP 2237Nm engine for example. Hope this will be adressed in ETS2s next update as well.
  7. It's an awesome DLC. The trailers make ETS2 feel like a noob game. I also would like to mention the game update itself and the new engines it brought. This in my opinion was long overdue and it is a major improvement in the 'create realistic trucks department'. Good stuff.
  8. My first attempt last night. Man, this is so easy to srew up then again I should have aligned my truck better when I had the chance. Warning: boring video
  9. Found this on the steam forum: Go to console and type g_simple_parking_doubles "0" this will unlock the difficult parking option for oversize trailers. Remember when reversing: Your truck turns the dolly and the dolly turns the trailer, so if your dolly turns left your trailer will eventurally turn right. Also keep in mind that difficult parking is turned off by default for a reason; they were not designed with oversized trailers in mind and you will find some of them extremely difficult if not impossible to do.
  10. Seeing only ~500 people on EU#1 during peak hours for the first time.
  11. Punishments are still too soft IMO. In addition, I'm still seeing people with more than 5 bans who aren't perma banned. Other than that the system works perfectly fine and I am grateful to the people who use their free time monitoring the roads and respond to our reports.
  12. Been using the Thrustmaster T150 for about a year now and still loving it.
  13. I'm disappointed. I just used a 4x2 R500 + Allison 6 speed to pull the 61T Loc. Not only did I not have any stability issues, it pulled to 80km/h just fine. Was I naive in thinking this kind of load requires a special equipped truck or are the physics in this game just that far off from real life?

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    2. antrax 737

      antrax 737

      Physics are off, i dont like that about ets but i learned to live with it. Example are players doing 160 with trucks. Same in ats.

    3. Dr_Dog


      When you think about it.. 61 tons isnt really that much. and the 8x4 chassis is totally overrated for it. So is 700 hp for towing something so light

    4. antrax 737

      antrax 737

      Im back to my 460hp volvo after one week on 750 8x4. 750, 55 tons vs 460 25 tons same hill, 5kmh difference. 460 is a bit faster. But when i think about it, there is something wrong. Makes me wanna go back to my 620hp scania. I cant stand the chance of heavy cargo guy overtaking me uphill, when im driving normal truck and trailer.

  14. J-Spec is supposed to be a representation of about 95% of the trucks you see on European roads. The rules drawn up for J-Spec pretty much insure your truck falls into that catagory. Now just because your truck is a special transport truck does not mean it is not a realistic representation of a real life truck. It just means that truck falls into the 5% catagory that is not J-Spec.