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  1. Me and my friend doing one of the longest hauls we've ever done from Plymouth to Saint Petersburg on the EU2 server. In this screenshot we're just at the outskirts of Trelleborg - about halfway there!
  2. Suggestion Name: Minimal Video Length for Reports Suggestion Description: When submitting videos as evidence in a report the video should be of minimal length to show the full story Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: A 7 second clip is simply not enough time. If a player has a genuine report why wouldn't they agree to show additional footage leading up to the incident?
  3. Game: ETS2 Mod Version: Controllers Used: PS3, G27 Description of Issue: I have a trailer in Odense which I want to use. When I try and use it my game will freeze up and I have to open a task manager to force close it. Tried 4 times + waited about 10m to see if it would respond but problem persists How to reproduce: Try and use a double trailer Screenshots / Videos: https://youtu.be/Yd_TNZeFoNM Seems to be only the Krone double trailer, as I can use the normal double fine. Have seem others driving the Krone one around though so not sure what's breaking. Reverted to a previous save and this seems to have solved the problem. I assume it got corrupted somehow.
  4. Thanks for the responses. The topics linked answered my question perfectly.
  5. I'm looking to see what mods are compatible with TruckersMP (mainly client side such as graphics and sound) to avoid a potential ban but all of the topics that I see link to the same post which just tells me that I don't have permissions to view it. For example:
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