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  1. How the hell can the Devs say "oh we have to work on ETS first over ATS because it has a larger player base,but yet there is soooooooooooooo many ppl wanting this ATS update..it's not because ETS has a larger player base it's because the Devs favor ETS over ATS so they will do it when they feel like it..BS if you ask me..."its the holiday season so we can't work on ATS atm" ,but you sure as hell kept workin on ETS tho...I feel ATS is being treated like a second class citizen 

  2. ^ like most of us hahahahaha....except me i stayed lol
  3. one min its storming the next it's raining ,next its sunny lol good ole newfie weather,all seasons in one day hahahahaha
  4. Hey all was just wondering how many of my fellow Newfoundlanders are here and playing ATS...Would love to get as many of us as possible for a night of Newfie trucking..Let me know so we can get something setup
  5. just came across what i believe to be Heisenberg's trailer from Breaking Bad while flying around with dev cam
  6. wanted a dashboard but didn't wanna chuck out a cpl hundred bux for one so i made my own for under 25bux....still a work in progress. Gotta paint it all nice and i have a small tablet im gonna put in place for the speedometer ,and have some led strips to go around it
  7. ahhhh New Mexico can't come quick enough for MP. Can't wait to hit those roads in convoys.Hope all is going smoothly on your end TruckersMP to get us on those NM rds ;)

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      hope NM will bring some life back to ATSMP :)

  8. It's not Mexican ,it's New Mexico big difference. i honestly don't know why ppl keep thinking this is mexico
  9. So will TMP be ready to go when new mexico comes out.or will it need some time to get everything setup

    1. Pillow


      Will probably need some time.

    2. Blo0DxSh0T


      I figured they would prob need a few days as they always did with ets dlc's

    3. [ST-E] mrhijden

      [ST-E] mrhijden

      i would say 2-3 days is a save to say, seeing the time it took to add going east and viva la france, not sure howmuch time they gonna need this time around ;)

  10. The event was great i had a blast,and even tho the admins were doing a great job at kicking the trolls they were still out in droves..other than that it was awesome
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