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  1. Happy birthday buddy, enjoy your new year. :D

  2. -SAN$4L€S-

    Restricted Zone for Double Trailers

    Thanks for information! your work is very successful. and we look forward to such innovations.
  3. -SAN$4L€S-

    Sudden FPS drop

    Hello again; your system is medium level, Set the game image quality to medium. and keep your drivers updated. note; roads to Duisburg and Calais can be fps drop. do not approach this road as far as possible. Best regards; -S4N$AL€S-
  4. Good morning truckersmp, have a nice day. :wub:


    1. XinBao^


      Good Morning,have a nice day:thinking:

  5. Your two-year team succeeds. I hope this goes on. I wish you Good luck
  6. -SAN$4L€S-

    Hot topic #5: Oregon released

    A great dlc for ATS. Anyone who buys ATS should take this too. The game is becoming very fun. The price is also cheap.
  7. -SAN$4L€S-

    Sudden FPS drop

    Hello there; to help you, what are the other technical features of your computer?
  8. Dogum gunun kutlu olsun asker bey. ^_^

    1. izm07


      Teşekkür ederim. (: 

  9. Hello there, welcome to truckersmp forum. ^^

  10. -SAN$4L€S-

    Change only the quality of the dashboard

    Hello there; for a more detailed view, you need to raise the image quality. and a need strong computer to get a high quality image. Best Regards; -S4N$AL€S-
  11. Profilime cıkıp girme len xd

    1. -EmreBekar-


      kardeş bişey bekliyoz Allah Allah Ne Kızıyon Ammaaaa. Gülü Bir Gün seni her gün. hadi eyw.

  12. -SAN$4L€S-

    Sounds of crashes for everyone

    good idea. I hope it is added to MP. but i think TMP can not make that. I think this is more a plugin that SCS can add. I don't know. Anyways. +1 from me.
  13. -SAN$4L€S-

    Changes to the recruitment system

    Not bad idea, hopefully it be a better order. Upper staff always think of the best. We will see what will happen.
  14. ne  len

    1. H U N T E R

      H U N T E R

      Buralar kızışır patlamış mısırımı aldım kenardan izliyorum :eyes: :popcorn:

    2. -EmreBekar-
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      Hayirdır krdş? :lol:

  15. May all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday! :P

    1. Frosty.


      Thanks a lot! :)