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  1. Ah, furkan reis bize bi takibini çok görme follow follow 😀

  2. Congrats chris 🎉

  3. Thank you very much for your follow! :)




      You’re welcome polyxena 🥰

  4. Hello, have you tried to set your controls as default or press F9 while you in-game? Pressing F9 for twice might help for your issue.
  5. Personally, i would love to see this feature in truckersmp but most of players barely playing this game with their low-end or med-end computers, i believe this will cause an input lag, fps drops or low-fps issues. If it won't, i hope truckersmp dev team saw this as good and appropriate suggestion. You got my support hundred percent.
  6. Hello, have you ever tried to uninstall and reinstall Promods again? Maybe some files are corrupted while downloading and that's why you having this issue. I suggest you to uninstall Promods including map files and launcher, then download it again from here: https://promods.net/setup.php Please let me know if it works or not, we will try other solutions if it not works. I hope it will help you, take care!
  7. Thanks for following :wub:

  8. Şuan da benim ekranımda veteran driver olarak görünüyorsunuz. Sorununuzdan emin misiniz?
  9. I think this suggestion will be helpful for players like us because i and i am sure we all love driving Skoda cars all around the map. Acceleration is unfortunately very bad since past couple updates and especially brakes are not good enough. If this suggestion comes live, i believe our experience will be better and visual quality and tuning chance is improve way too better. I'm excited to see what will comes in the future and i hope management will agree with person who gave this suggestion to this community. I am hundred percent supporting this one.
  10. As far as i know this is an administator feature, i saw same feature on admin streams and they can select people by clicking on their truck and it would be nice if we can use it too but i believe this would be complicated for use by us and i can't say i agree with it. This can be improved but i don't think it would be useful by like this.
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