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  1. Anything in between 90 and 105/110km/h. The sweet spot.
  2. I usually listen to radio networks or broadcasts, usually not to any "trucker" radio as I'm not quite fond of the genre of music that they play. I also have a habit of listening to a 1-hour .MP4 file of the Top 2000, an annual radio event that's hosted between the 25th of december and the 31st of december.
  3. Hello there, fellow drivers of the TruckersMP community, I've been apart of a number of virtual trucking companies throughout my roughly two years on TruckersMP. Some were exciting, new and very much interesting and rather good, some others were lack luster and lacked a lot of feautures that were rather common with numerous other VTC's. I'm looking for a Virtual Trucking Company that has the following system(s): - A working privately owned and made job logging system, like TrucksBook but specifically made for that VTC; - A positive, non-toxic and welcoming environment; - A VTC that offers great career opportunities within convoy control, moderation, PR/media and any other departments that a VTC can provide; - Community events, preferably weekly internal convoy(s)/event(s) and/or a montly convoy(s)/event(s). - A community that consists of both veteran, new and intermediate drivers that supports both ETS2 and ATS. Any VTC that is similar to or identical (in terms of structure, systems and programs) to any of the following will be sufficient as well: Viva Trucking, Pries Logistics and Spark Logistics. Appreciate any of the community's comments and/or feedback. Leave a comment and let me know! I'm not a 100% sure if this topic/thread is posted in the right category, please move it accordingly if need be, moderators.
  4. Al is het topic al wat ouder, waardeer ik het zeker voor de eventueel wat nieuwere spelers onder ons. Zeker handig voor de mensen die wat minder goed kunnen rijden om te gaan trainen. Toppertjes.
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