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  1. some parts of the map have winter mod textures and other parts just have the default game textures EDIT:this only happens on promods servers
  2. LVMKM

    game crash

    question/problem awnsered/solved, can close discussion.
  3. LVMKM

    game crash

    I followed what everyone told me to do, but still it crashes only in arcade servers it doesnt crash in singleplayer looks like other people are having the same problem what can i do to help TMP figure out what is the problem?
  4. have you tried joining a simulation server? when I join any arcade server my game also crashes after clicking drive button
  5. LVMKM

    game crash

    My game crashes after 3 seconds when i get to be ingame (see my truck) it crashes only on arcade servers, i tried simulation, they work.
  6. I want to know if winter mod will be updated to work in ets2mp this year.
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