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    TruckersMP Advertisement Pictures!

    We had a meeting on the 2018.06.14. Also we had a meeting at Calais Port. TSC VP Chrome TSC D Mapleway TSC CC Jenet TSC P DESCENTE TSC M SPYDER
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    We are looking for a new partner!

    We're trying to create a batter simulator gaming culture. - Period 2018.05.16 - 2018.07.20 Who Can Support ? Ⅰ. You should have Euro Truck Simulator 2. Ⅱ. You should can play Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer. Ⅲ. You should have DLC 'scandinavia'' Who Can't Support? Ⅰ. If you have ban history more than five times. Ⅱ. If you don't have Euro Truck Simulator 2. Ⅲ. If you can't speak English. How Can i Support? Ⅰ. Download the attached file. Ⅱ. Write. (If you can't open .hwp files, download other the attached file.) Ⅲ. Send [email protected] with your discord ID. (ex / Jhon_Smith#1234) - [Development Team] E-Mail / [email protected] Discord / 윤기훈ㅣMapleway#9147 (If you can't see text, copy text.) ↓ Download File (39.0KB) TruckSoundClub_Korean.hwp
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    Picture of the Month: June

    My Scania R With IKEA Trailer. In Multiplayer. (2018.06.18)