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  1. Update 1.36 is quite large and has plenty to do, from the DX11 to new cars in traffic. Update 1.36 is amazing, lighter and optimized!
  2. seems to be interesting , is it working on ProMods ?
  3. I am looking forward to being able to play on the ProMods map, especially Multiplayer. That was very good news. congratulations the team
  4. Obrigado por me seguir 😃

  5. I want to know what you win ?
  6. This is because offline play time is different from Multiplayer time, every time you get in the game, just take a quick trip to another garage that returns everything to normal. or press F7 to go to the workshop. I hope this helps. good game and good trip
  7. Esta informação pode ser engraçada, mas é muito necessária porque muitas pessoas fazem o caminho errado e podem acertar outro jogador e talvez receber algum castigo. grande informação isso. parabéns pelo seu trabalho @Tuna_ muito bom
  8. excellent news and update, very good
  9. I agree with this change, 110 km / h in a truck already and a lot of speed, imagine 200km / h ... 110km / h is very good 90km / h for truck 110km / h for cars
  10. great news this, this should greatly decrease the "trolls"
  11. thank you for following :)

  12. DLC from Italy and a great DLC, with many beautiful places and great landscapes, however "empty", and in relation to the weight in the graphics does not change much, the euro truck is getting lighter with each update
  13. well, first you have to buy a truck to play in multiplayer, multiplayer spends time much slower than in offline mode, but your workers have continued to work without any problems, and if you do not have cargo in the freight or fast work market , just take a quick trip to another garage or sleep. and no, you do not have to go offline to play, just sleep or take a quick trip Good game and have fun. I hope this helps
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