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  1. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    Random events on multiplayer

    I always leave disabled, especially in multiplayer, because there is no synchronization yet has the danger of hitting other players
  2. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    Best cargo to haul on MP

    the heavier the better, I really like to pull weight
  3. let's say half as I like to play in quieter places
  4. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    Road collision

    if he apologizes I accept, even knowing that he is wrong, more depends on how he beats,
  5. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    I cant play ETS2

    the game has updated, but the MP has not yet, just have a little patience
  6. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    Virtual Trucking Manager

    does it work for those who have their own trailer or just trailers from the freight market?
  7. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    Do you have DLC Krone?

    No, and I do not intend to buy for now.
  8. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    Volvo or Scania?

    volvo for sure
  9. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    "Buy dlc krone" What is this? Why did they do this?

    I'm saving money for DLC baltic, I was not very interested in this krone, it practically changes the painting and some accessories
  10. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    Volvo or Scania?

    volvo, best truck
  11. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    Best cargo to haul on MP

    almost all cargoes, except those of dangerous products that are far behind
  12. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    Warning sound for AFK kick

    It would be very good, because sometimes I spend a lot of time with the game open when I minimize the game I do not see the message and when I come back I have to log in again hahahah
  13. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    Cartwright Group is coming to ETS 2

    cool, but they should create other trailer configurations, type fuel tank, bucket, among others
  14. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    Most popular truck

    volvo and scania , But my favorite truck is volvo
  15. GEB 006 Barba (SC)

    The Last Post Wins!

    Who's going to win is me