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  1. Suggestion Name: wifi signal in every trucker's name tag. Suggestion Description: good day, I have suggestion to notice that a trucker driving with lag or without lag. to drive from a distance or maybe not? here it comes... What do you think of a wifi signal in every trucker's name tag. Red: Lag orangje: rarely Lag green: good - perfect (additional) we can also see it from our own whether we are lagging or not.. Where? just at the top left of our screen. -you can choose in settings if you can put the signal down on your screen and where. Any example images: Why should it be added?: to notice whether the driver or you has lag or not. keep away or not?
  2. Suggestion Name: let us know that we have lag. Suggestion Description: Hi, lag .. lag .. lag. Have you ever had lag, or the driver in front of you? Lag is the most iritation, and may result in collision. and you can hardly notice that you have lag here it comes. (for example) everyone gets a number if you are under 30, the number will be red, so you can see 'oh I have lag' so I will leave the popular road. so, the higher the numbers, the less lag you have. (additional) but you have several minutes to leave it. Any example images: none. Why should it be added?: avoid collisions.
  3. /Respawn Command

    Suggestion Name: new command Suggestion Description: Hello! ---------------------------------------------------------------- so as we've seen on traffic, - trucks that are stuck. -truck upside down -overturned truck -truck that have flown to the other side ---------------------------------------------------------------- How about a new command that lets you spawn safely next to the road. this way we can avoid the traffic jam in the repair house. then you can continue driving to your destination. (*so if you write / respawn you will teleport safely next to the road*) thank you -hinter Any example images: none. Why should it be added?: to avoid traffic jam in repair house.
  4. Clan in ets2mp

    Suggestion Name: Clan in ets2mp Suggestion Description: what do you think of a own clan? with 2 buttons in the chat you can use clan chat and the other one is everyone chat. you can give your clan members (who want's to join) their own color and a clan tag, where it is tagged above your/they name. you can create your own clan name. you can create your own rank, and it will be above your name next to your clan tag in parentheses. (example) clan tag (leader) hinter 1520 the clan leaders or Co-leader of the clan can kick or ban the clan members. you can see all of your members and you can promote and kick them, and you can see whether they are online or offline. How can you join a clan? with a link that works with world of trucks. (or something) Any example images: none Why should it be added? to join clan convoy, and to communicate more easily with your friends / clan members. for such an online game, a clan can be very useful.
  5. New Country Bar?!

    Would not it be better to add that bar? and more easily.
  6. New Country Bar?!

    hi, I understand what you mean, you are absolutely right. I can hardly see which country I drive inside, especially in the dark. I have little experience to know, what kind of country I drove in. "but, of course we have a world map for that, I would rather drive further than stopping each time" therefore it would be very helpful to add a bar. (there may be other reasons) but this is my reason. -hinter
  7. New Country Bar?!

    _______________________________________________________________________________________ Suggestion Name: new country bar?! Suggestion Description: as we know we have a bar under which it says that you have left / entered the city. what do you think, when you leave the country and you have entered a new country that we also get a bar that says entered amsterdam. (I know you can see it through the flag, it would just be better to get a bar) Any example images: no Why should it be added ?: to make it clearer which city you have entered. __________________________________________________________________________________________ thank you -hinter
  8. Suggestion Name: sound when an important message?! Suggestion Description: Hi there! I have a suggestion that I would like to share. it's about the chat bar, it's hard to read important things like. - turn on your lamp or you will be kicked in about 15 seconds. - move! or you will be kicked in 1 minute. such things are difficult to read if you get consented in the way or other things. here it comes! What do you think if you get an important message from a game moderator or automatic system notifications there will be a squeaky sound. (additional) -the chat leters can be bigger and clearer, and they can have their own colors. Any example images: none Why should it be added?: to pay more attention to important messages.
  9. Talking GPS

    +1 from me