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  1. Hinter

    Which Trucking Manufacture is Superior?

    Hello, Personally I like to drive in Mercedes and Scania Streamline.
  2. Hinter


    Hey, for me this is not a problem as long as they follow the rules. if then they act like a game moderator, like moderate the traffic etc... then you have the right to report him. regards
  3. Hinter

    Answer the question above you

    Answer: Mercedes. Question: which pc / laptop do you have?
  4. Welcome aboard! :)

  5. Hinter

    a good afternoon I have a problem with gaming

    hey, it's true, the version is not the same as the ets scs, the developers are working to support it. I advise you to wait and check later if the updates are available. If there ever is a problem with truckersMP I advise you to first to check the Announcements. that can be found on the top right of the forums index marked in red, to stay informed of updates regards -hinter
  6. Hinter

    The Last Post Wins!

  7. Welcome aboard! :D

    1. Hinki
    2. Hinter


      this is a welcome at the forums message from me ;)

    3. Hinki


      Well stop I don't care

  8. Hinter

    Volvo or Scania?

    in scania streamline I feel more comfortable... that's me I will try volvo soon who knows i will find it better.
  9. Nice... looking forward to see this added
  10. Hinter

    Scania S or Scania RJL?

    Scania RJL, because it gives me a comfortable feeling.
  11. Hinter

    Giveaway of a random steam game [0 to 300]

    let's try it, 18
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  13. Welcome aboard! :)

  14. Welcome aboard! :)