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  1. Hinter

    VS Game

    Jerry Pizza vs Fries
  2. Bedankt voor jouw follow :)

    1. Hinter


      Graag gedaan! :D 

  3. Hinter

    What is your favourite truck and why?

    Hey my favorite truck is the new Mercedes... because I personally like it and I feel convortable when I drive it.
  4. Thanks for the follow :D 

  5. Thanks for the follow!

    1. Hinter


      you're welcome! :D 

  6. Hinter

    What's your dream car?

    if someone asks for a dream car, I am always stuck :P I always say as long as it drives, it's good for me. favorite brand is: mercedes
  7. Hinter

    patch vinden

    hallo, @paulgr78 als je probleem opgelost is, laat het weten. zo niet help ik graag verder. -sorry voor de laate reactie Vriendelijke groeten hinter
  8. Hinter

    TruckersMP Winter Mod 2018

    this will be my first time that I will experience this... I am curious how this will be and whether it will be dangerously slippery or not
  9. Hinter

    Discussions about players

    this community is just nice, especially how they help each other in the help topics - keep it up!
  10. Hinter

    Ask a question without saying yes or no.

    Sure do you like coffee?
  11. Good Night :tmp:  :) 

  12. Hinter

    Number game