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  1. New Country Bar?!

    Would not it be better to add that bar? and more easily.
  2. New Country Bar?!

    hi, I understand what you mean, you are absolutely right. I can hardly see which country I drive inside, especially in the dark. I have little experience to know, what kind of country I drove in. "but, of course we have a world map for that, I would rather drive further than stopping each time" therefore it would be very helpful to add a bar. (there may be other reasons) but this is my reason. -hinter
  3. New Country Bar?!

    _______________________________________________________________________________________ Suggestion Name: new country bar?! Suggestion Description: as we know we have a bar under which it says that you have left / entered the city. what do you think, when you leave the country and you have entered a new country that we also get a bar that says entered amsterdam. (I know you can see it through the flag, it would just be better to get a bar) Any example images: no Why should it be added ?: to make it clearer which city you have entered. __________________________________________________________________________________________ thank you -hinter
  4. Suggestion Name: sound when an important message?! Suggestion Description: Hi there! I have a suggestion that I would like to share. it's about the chat bar, it's hard to read important things like. - turn on your lamp or you will be kicked in about 15 seconds. - move! or you will be kicked in 1 minute. such things are difficult to read if you get consented in the way or other things. here it comes! What do you think if you get an important message from a game moderator or automatic system notifications there will be a squeaky sound. (additional) -the chat leters can be bigger and clearer, and they can have their own colors. Any example images: none Why should it be added?: to pay more attention to important messages.
  5. Talking GPS

    +1 from me