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  1. Theres a city called "fu**ing" in austria. I think they changed it to "fugging" not long ago though.
  2. Hello, are you sure you have all the files? You need 7 in total. Check image below.
  3. This is a good idea, the flow of traffic would be better, therefore no big lines, less crashes, etc. About the people not knowing how to use a roundabout. If there's a barrier going all the way to the ring itself, it will instantly eliminate a big amount of collisions. The only scary part about this is, if people ignore who has the right of way.
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    1. garnikus


      Just enjoying the nice weather!

  5. If steam is telling the truth, I have 87 games. On top of that I have at least 20 more from other sources.
  6. Simulation 1 has recently been having issues such as random disconnecting, crashing and lag. therefore players switch to simulation 2 as it's more stable.
  7. I would firstly pimp out my gaming corner then maybe think of a better way to spend my money.
  8. Depends on what I've been doing. Usually I start at 3pm though. my best time to drive though would have be 7-8pm
  9. To be honest i kinda want to see Ford - pocetna. (hopefully im correct) Looks like an intresting, fun truck.
  10. Best thing? It would probably be secret roads/easter eggs. i find those really fun!
  11. Even if c-d does get removed, players will just find a simmilar road to drive on and populate that or they'll just go to promods kirkenes
  12. garnikus

    Wanted DLCs

    Now while it's only 1 country, I'd love to see slovenia added like in promods. If we're looking at a bigger scale though, Like someone alredy said, greece would look amazing!
  13. if you dont have a budget and play other games such as assetto corsa, dirt rally 2.0, etc. the Fanatec FTW! but the wheel costs 2k€. your best and most reliable option though is a g29 (also works for ps4) or g920 (also works for xbox). I'd recommend a used logitech wheel with a shifter, i got mine for around 180€ used so it was a great deal!
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