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  1. Hi, i found the solution for the error with automatic transmission in skoda car. It is reported as pending in another thread, but a don't have how to respond on it. With version 1.31, the skoda automatic transmission don't work. It can be fixed in singel player by opening the skoda mod file (or any other car created from this) with 7zip or similar and editing the file /def/vehicle/truck/skoda.superb\transmission\6_speed.sii by adding the following line to the file: stall_torque_ratio: 2.89 In multiplayer, the file is downloaded in c: \ programdata \ truckersmp \ data \ shared \ mods \ sh_skoda_car.mp. You can open with 7zip and mod the file that I indicated above, but when you start the client, the modified file will be deleted and the original version will be downloaded again. If the creators of multiplayer mod change the file, all we can work with this. 6_speed.sii
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