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  1. OCTOBER 2020: A RECAP


    After joining the TruckersMP Media Team, October was my

    first full month of working with these amazing people!


    I was fortunate enough to receive a few tasks as well and wanted to

    put them on the forums, since Halloween season is now over.




    I was asked to create a Halloween themed banner for the official convoy?


    As the convoy was held on American Truck Simulator, I jumped in the game

    and tested around with a few pictures, settling on this one and started editing.




    The before and after is definitely something for another day!


    My next task was the Halloween logo, everybody was able to look at,

    for our public Discord server! I was excited about this one.




    I received a bunch of positive feedback right away and I wanted to thank

    the people that said such nice things, this community is truly amazing.

    October definitely surprised me and I can't wait for

    the upcoming months with this great team!

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    2. davidd.


      Amazing work, as usual, Sana! Your talent is unreal ?

    3. .George


      Amazing work, Sana! ❤️ 

    4. ReacherK


      Those are some work of art. Awesome!! @sanamaria?

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