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  1. Hi My problem has solved. But I don't know how I solved it. I logged in ETS2MP to try solutions in above topic. And I see my profile again.
  2. Hi! Today I was playing TMP normally. My computer has crashed. I don't know what happened. But I say I see, My game has frozen, and I couldn't do anything in my computer(I spoke to my friend in discord but couldn't reach him.) When I re-opened my computer, I logged in TMP Launcher, But I could not see my profile in "Profiles". I went Documents>ETS2>profiles and there is only one profile (The profile I was looking for wasn't there.) I spent a lot of time for that profile. But suddenly deleted. How can ı get it back ? Or why this happened ?
  3. Happy Birthday!:wub:;)

    Good Luck!


  4. Yea! My problem has temporary solved. Thank you @ASIR [CZE]
  5. Hi! I created a new profile. I'm trying to earn money. When I log in to MP, I don't get money from my first job. Because Multiplayer time and Singleplayer time is different. When I waiting to finish queue, in F6 menu, That says Remaining time is 10 hours. But When I logged in the server, that says you have 0 minute to finish your job. When I Finish my job that says "Delayed for 3541651 minutes." And, it punishes me for delaying. How Can I solve this, or do the developers should do something ? SS1 SS2 Thank you all, ►JuniorArda◄
  6. Merhaba! Öncelikle yukarıda @u'urhan'ın dediği yöntemleri denediyseniz ve olmadıysa aşağıdaki seçenekleri deneyin. Sorun iki kaynaklı olabilir; 1) TruckersMP 2) ETS2 1-> TruckersMP Launcher'ı Belgelerim>ETS2MP kısmından silip yeniden yüklemeyi deneyin 2-> Steam>Kütüphane>ETS2(sağ tık)> Özellikler>Dosya Bütünlüğünü Doğrula. Saygılarımla, ►JuniorArda◄
  7. Merhaba! Aşağıda bahsettiğim konu sana yardımcı olabilir. Bol Şans! Eğer işine yaramazsa oyun dosyalarının bütünlüğünü doğrulamayı dene.
  8. Merhaba! Multiplayer oynarken Steam Atolyesinden almanıza gerek yok. TruckersMP Launcher'dan ETS2'ye girince Çekici Galerilerine giriş yapın. Oradan istediğiniz herhangi bir Galeriye gidin. Büyük ihtimalle en başta çıkan araç skoda olacaktır. Oradan satın alıp kullanabilirsiniz. Saygılarımla, ►JuniorArda◄
  9. Happy B'day Shawn! 

    I wish you a great weekend.

  10. Suggestion Name: Options to get more İnformation about BAN Suggestion Description: Hi! I think, there should be more options to get more İnformation about BAN. I mean, I think, İf there are more options, İt will be more useful. Options are : (by Report / In-Game) Because, as I know, There is no options about "by Report". Any example images: Above. Why should it be added?: Because, it will be more useful. (İf this has added already, I don't know.)
  11. Hi! I have searched for this issue and found some things to solve this problem. One player said : My problem has solved. I Just restarted my computer (So first try this solution.) And look this Link (I don't wanna say anything about this because I don't know anything about this.) Best Regards, ►JuniorArda◄
  12. I know how to find his TMP id. Go Documents> ETS2MP> logs> log_spawning_(Your Date) Open it and Search for his old Nick. (CTRL+F) And There is TMP id and Tag. You can easily report him. Hope I could help you. Best Regards, ►JuniorArda◄
  13. @Sentinel_ @AhirZaman @[E-T CEO] Flying Cat Thanks All! The problem was solved.
  14. Hi! I wanna start to the game with new profile. I created a new profile. But I can not take any job. When I go into Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > profiles, There is only one profile. But in game There are two profiles. (I searched for this issue but it was not enough, Because there is not my new profile in Documents.) What should I do now ? http://prntscr.com/mbyvnk
  15. Merhaba. Sorunun Monitör ile mi yoksa oyun ile mi olduğunu anlamak açısından diğer kamera açılarını da deneyip sonucu bildirir misiniz ? Oyunda sıkıntı var ise farklı bir oyuna girip onda da test eder misiniz ? Saygılarımla ►JuniorArda◄
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