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  1. swiftyniko

    Minimum speed

    I feel like speed limits should be obayed everywhere except maybe the motorways, I feel like driving between 100 on the is just fine Its just kinda feels bad feeling pressured to drive faster when you are in a busy place and driving the speed limit , but sure there's nothing you can do about that. for all those that ignore other players and strictly drive the speed limit and make the game realistic.please keep doing that, there's a special place in heaven for you At the end of the day just don't drive under the speed limit , they are usually quite low as they are
  2. Despite the fact that overtaking someone is really awkward i fully support the 110 km limit , the game honestly feels so much better and more realistic to play when everyone is going at the same speed
  3. Of course not , ETS is a game that requires a lot of patience, something that a lot of people don't have on this game. Feel free to go the speed limit and ignore any honking. tbh I really appreciate people that go the realistic route of not treating the game as a race. A lot of the time these people tend to get salty about being overtaken and straight up ram you for no reason. You'll eventually develop some hardcore reflexes playing this game xD And of course if you feel like speeding down the motorway because you may be in a hurry, that's also fine :D
  4. C-D road would be a warzone xD Now that i think about it.... Having the ability to get out of your truck and roam around places like, Hotels,Ferries,Truck stops and Petrol Stations seems like a fun Idea Imagine having a mini-game that gives you the option to walk into a petrol station and get a coffee to lower your tiredness level
  5. Yeah , as mentioned above. Your best bet is to avoid Calais-Duisburg area. I highly recommend hanging around Scandinavia or even The Baltic countries if you have the DLC. Trolls are much more rare there and I dont know why, Its probably the fact that the cities are a bit more spread out and more long haul drives happen. Trolls like short drives in highly populated areas. Scandinavia tends to be a nicer alternative to get to the Baltic's (At least to me). Granted these areas are not as populated but its not that bad and you should most definitely try it out, It almost feels like people there are a lot more simulation focused. I hope you will continue to enjoy ETS Best of Luck :D
  6. swiftyniko

    What will do TruckersMP in the future?

    I mean...... Adding AI cars would solve that issue, not sure how possible that is.... Also taking under consideration that it would totally screw with the C-D road
  7. Personally, if I could change anything about ETS's multiplayer. I would have rest stops as places you can't be kicked for being AFK or even having the AFK timer longer .There's just something great about seeing a parking lot filled with a lot of trucks. It would be really handy to be able to go off and do something like eat food or walk your dog while leaving your truck parked without getting kicked. Just imagine each petrol station being filled with players. It could be the perfect place where people come down and socialise
  8. If you had the chance one day to change or add one thing in Euro Truck MP or Euro Truck in general. What would it be ?
  9. swiftyniko

    Update 1.35 release

    Yee , They are currently not allowed but when this update drops to mp..... oh boy we finna have an apocalypse . It'll be a massive wave of people just hopping onto the CD road for the sole purpose of trolling xD
  10. swiftyniko

    Update 1.35 release

    Wait so..... CD road will have double trailers now ?
  11. swiftyniko

    Which DLC Has Better Roads ? :P

    I agree with you completely . I feel like going east is heavily underrated. It's the ultimate OG DLC that everyone should have before any other . It plays a massive part in promods too .I feel like one day people will learn to appreciate it more as it is an amazing and practical gateway into the baltics as well as the future road to the Black Sea..... now that I think of it I wonder how people will have access to the black sea without it
  12. Yes I feel it's nice to have it very quiet in the background with tunes over it
  13. Yes it would be amazing if they could say things like "Turn off onto the A4 towards Berlin" and have it absolutely butcher the name of the city which is the way it is in real life
  14. I find the voice navigation to be a great feature that i will most definitely use, however I understand some might find it annoying and turn it off altogether What do you think ?
  15. Okay so..... I found myself in a bit of a dilemma . Throughout my years of trucking I invested money into getting the map expansions and these were some of the best financial decisions I have made, I love every single one of them However for some unknown reason I refused to but the Italy expansion when it came out. Now with a 70% discount and the inclusion of Sardinia it doesn't look so bad xD And I'm left with all these questions Will I ever go there ? (I predominantly play ETS MP) Should I hold off and wait for the Black Sea expansion? Will my computer even handle so many Expansions ( I have a bad PC that runs perfectly with everything else and I'm not sure if it even makes a difference how much content I have in the game ) And I guess more importantly Is it better then the French expansion? I would love to hear your thoughts