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  1. Despite the fact that overtaking someone is really awkward i fully support the 110 km limit , the game honestly feels so much better and more realistic to play when everyone is going at the same speed
  2. Okay so..... I found myself in a bit of a dilemma . Throughout my years of trucking I invested money into getting the map expansions and these were some of the best financial decisions I have made, I love every single one of them However for some unknown reason I refused to but the Italy expansion when it came out. Now with a 70% discount and the inclusion of Sardinia it doesn't look so bad xD And I'm left with all these questions Will I ever go there ? (I predominantly play ETS MP) Should I hold off and wait for the Black Sea expansion? Will my computer even handle so many Expansions ( I have a bad PC that runs perfectly with everything else and I'm not sure if it even makes a difference how much content I have in the game ) And I guess more importantly Is it better then the French expansion? I would love to hear your thoughts
  3. I like the concept of having people driving around in ETS MP in recovery vehicles,like the VW Transporters we see in special transport, these people would have the simple task of finding people that overturned their truck or got stuck, they would have the ability to tip them over in some way to get back on their wheels It would bring a cool element of realism
  4. Na twoim miejscu , kupił bym ale tylko na przecenie
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