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  1. [SM] Skay (SK)

    Winter Mod

    Hey, You should try to check that your frosty winter mod files are not corrupted.Sometimes It happens that some files it's not downloaded properly.
  2. [SM] Skay (SK)

    In-game report or website-report?

    I'm used to giving "in game" report and I have to say that players who I reported got ban or kick but sometimes not. I think very serious situations should be reported on website because then you can be sure that it will be solved by admins.
  3. [SM] Skay (SK)

    Truck or car?

    I prefer in ETS2 and ATS Trucks but car is very good as well but car is only "for fun" for me :))
  4. [SM] Skay (SK)

    Server Problem

    Is your game updated on version 1.33 ? If yes, Try to look at your profile in the game, mods section and make sure that you have all mods disabled. If you have enabled some mods probably they are not updated.