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Community Answers

  1. Happy Birthday 🎂

  2. Happy birthday!🎉

  3. Feliz aniversário @Evandr0 ??

  4. Feliz Aniversário, @Evandr0! ? ?

  5. Happy Birthday to you ❤️

  6. I wish you all the best for your birthday??  have a nice day☺️

    greetings, Mo1993

  7. Olá @Sieghart (BR) , não é possível alterar a tecla para falar no PX do jogo (Tecla X), essa é uma configuração padrão do TruckersMP, para resolver seu problema será necessário que você altere a configuração da tecla X de suspender os eixos para outra tecla, através das configurações de teclado dentro do jogo. Espero ter conseguido te ajudar!
  8. The Halloween convoy was definitely my favorite, I loved the scary things I saw along the way. ?? Real Ops V10 was also amazing, but I didn't have a good experience due to ping issues in the server. ? I didn't have much time to participate in TFM5, I was just in the Trameri challenge, although I couldn't win, it was really cool...
  9. Maybe I’m participating in a scary TMP special event...Who knows what the TMP is preparing? ?
  10. Happy Birthday! :D

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