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  1. Wow. Ziet er echt geweldig uit. Kan niet wachten
  2. Snap het niet helemaal. Het forum is te begrijpen, maar de statistieken zijn onduidelijk. Moet je de standalone hiervoor downloaden?
  3. Hi. You can do it by changing your Steam name. Than it will be showed in-game
  4. Nope. At this moment, there ins't.
  5. That mods will only work in singelplayer.
  6. I've sended also a apply 2 days ago. Really looking forward to the end.
  7. Sorry for my late reply. Could u tell me the format of the image, like .jpg or .png?
  8. VincentM


    Very good answer. Is your problem solved now?
  9. Do you remember where you got this crashes? Sometimes it's a server faill, If you are in bussy places like Amsterdam or Rotterdam.
  10. Looks like a good suggestion. I've this doens't work, you can change your e-mail to a shorter one in your userCP. Goodluck.
  11. VincentM


    Hi man, I've posted some specs also in one of your other threads. If you need some suggestions for building your pc, don't hestiate to add me in Skype to talk about it. You can find me name on my profile. Now gonna sleep
  12. This 'job' is also about answering and talking to peopel on a high level. A template is a bit to simple.
  13. Hey, Besides your ping there's also a difference between the play-style of the EU1 and EU2 server. EU2 is always non-collision and everbody van drives faster than 90MPH so it's less realistic.
  14. As he said. Is your problem solved now?
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