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  1. I'd probably cry over the beauty of it.
  2. Haha, that's fair enough man; don't worry about it. We're on the same page now.
  3. I'm against the limiter being enabled again, so I don't want it. Is my standpoint clearer now?
  4. I don't understand what you're getting at. I'm talking against protesting in general as a whole on games, they achieve nothing because no one actually sticks at them long enough for them to actually have any real effect. If the people who want to protest wanted to really make it count by refusing to connect to the MP client for two months and convincing others why they should do the same that would actually get a result that they want. I'm not using a keyboard for ETS2, I use a steering wheel but I do understand what you're saying. It's true that it's a game but with the right mods you can make the game into a true simulator (if you want to). I have an AI mod, for example, which makes the AI drive more human and are just as predictable as drivers on the road in real life rather than how they move like machine with the default base game. I'm actually against the limiter being put back on, I'm not sure if you think I'm happy about this or not because by forcing the limiter back on for everyone that's actually not allowing others to drive how they want.
  5. I'll create a paypal account so you can send me your 50 bucks, people will gravitate to the server that has the most people on it. It won't matter on their preferences with the limiter. Protests do nothing in games because no one has the backbone to push hard enough, you're going to be wasting your time.
  6. The hell is a protest going to do? Just go back to SP, there's your protest.
  7. Honestly, even with the added aspect of real humans controlling the trucks that you see in MP it's still empty. The roads are empty for pretty much the majority of the time apart from around EP and Calais. I'm not going to say 'Well, add AI then' because I know there would by sync issues, but that does contribute to the empty roads. As for SP it's always there, I could give you a handful of mods that would make it seem like a completely different and full game, but that's up to you.
  8. SP is always there to comfort you when you want to have an enjoyable experience man. It's been there for me for the past several weeks, it probably will continue to be there because I simply don't have anything to entice me to fire up the MP client as I've been everywhere and done it all. But, once again the community grabs me by the arm and I'm back to posting on the forums despite hardly ever being on MP.. well, minus the few minutes I was on when the limiter was removed. To anyone who may possibly tell me: Well no one's stopping you going to SP, you're correct. I'm not going to complain about it, but the community is what keeps me on this forum despite not really connecting to the MP client.
  9. I'm calling it - watch out for round 2, or a drop in users either one will probably happen.
  10. That is the real reason why those who against the limiter being lifted are complaining and that is the reason why the ones who are praising it (that don't stay within reasonable speeds) are; because nothing can stop them from going over 75MPH/120KMH so they do so with no regard for anyone but themselves. I'm trying to show the actual reason for the uproar about this, yes it's obvious that people are mainly bringing up being rammed by users going too fast and such but ask yourself this, why are they? That's the actual problem - not the limiter. I've yet to see anyone say anything remotely close to what I just did.
  11. This is the reason why people are complaining about the limiter being removed. Most of us adjust the speeds according to the scenario but it's the users who don't adjust at all that try to go as fast as they can. If everyone done what you mentioned there would be no issue at all with the limiter being removed, most of us will stay within reasonable speeds but without the limiter the minority who do insane speeds because nothing stops them now are the real problem - removing the limiter isn't, although because of that it is partly to blame for the problem.
  12. Stay at a reasonable speed and you won't flip, obviously if you're doing 75MPH/120KMH (or if you're insane - higher) and you slam the breaks on it's going to get interesting pretty quickly. Not staying within a reasonable speed is the easiest way to flip a truck.
  13. You might like this mod if you don't already have it; http://ets2.lt/en/igrek-ai-mod-1-16/. The AI drive more 'human' than like machines, it's so unpredictable as well. There was one run I was doing in game that was from Moscow to Tubruq in Libya, I can't remember the exact motorway but I was on one during this stretch. Basically three vehicles, one landrover, a van and a car ended up crashing in front of me on the outside lane. Normally I saw these sort of crashes happening on the inside lane but it seems they can literally happen anywhere; which is a lot more interesting than any AI mod I've come across so far.
  14. Look at it this way, if it didn't come directly from SCS - it isn't true. It's the only way to ensure it's legitimate.
  15. This guy speaks the truth.
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