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  1. [Quality Express] Marius

    [Forum game] Post an insane lie about the user above you

    Believes aliens and ufo´s is real
  2. [Quality Express] Marius

    [GIVEAWAY] 10x 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC Giveaway

    - Your Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/7561198424178272 - How did you find out about TruckersMP? A friend asked me if I wanted to play it together, and he showed me TMP. - What is your favourite aspect of TruckersMP? Definitely the VTC concept, where people from all around the world can play together. - What features would you love to see implemented in the future? /fix to fix trailers also (for trailer ownership) Let people see your DLCs in game, like the Mighty Griffin DLC, Krone DLC and the DAF tuning pack which is not visible right now.
  3. [Quality Express] Marius

    Quality Express | The true trucker experience.

    Thank you @Ryan534 Indeed not easy to get the ball rolling, but we all went through that starting from the ground
  4. [Quality Express] Marius

    Quality Express | The true trucker experience.

    Thanks for your kind wishes guys!
  5. [Quality Express] Marius

    Quality Express | The true trucker experience.

    Thank you!
  6. [Quality Express] Marius

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for not following the format
  7. [Quality Express] Marius

    Quality Express | The true trucker experience.

    A custom version of Facebook/Twitter has now been added to our website for members! Do you want to experience this? Join us today, you won't regret!
  8. [Quality Express] Marius

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

  9. [Quality Express] Marius

    Planning Community Events

    Great guide Gamer5, I will definitely take a look at this when planning events going forward!
  10. To all the wonderful members of TruckersMP, I am proud to finally present Quality Express to you! We are a fresh VTC, founded in August 2018. Our main focus is to give all our members the true trucker experience, and also give them the community of their life. Our community is caring, serious and dedicated, but we never forget to have fun. Since our launch we have been invited to various events across the TruckersMP community, and we are attending a lot of events in the future. Our drivers are active and friendly, so you will make new friends for life in no-time joining the VTC, you will neither have any trouble finding anyone to drive with. This is some of the things you can expect as a member of Quality Express: -Our skilled Convoy Crew will make sure our weekly convoys goes smoothly. -A dedicated staff team that will be there to assist you in any way. -Custom version of Facebook/Twitter (Drivers Hub). -Driver of the month announcements. -A great friendly community. -Professional colleagues. -Prizes and giveaways. We are now searching new members from all around the globe to join the team. Are you seeking the true trucker experience? Join the team today, you will not regret! Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/e6ZNCeK Website: https://www.qualityexpressvtc.com
  11. [Quality Express] Marius

    Singleplayer Winter Mod?

    Thanks for all the replies guys, I have tested Frosty Winter mod, and I must say, it is awesome! Once again, thanks for the heads up! Best of wishes, Marius
  12. [Quality Express] Marius

    Singleplayer Winter Mod?

    Hey there! I´ve been searching for a winter mod for a long time on various Mod sites, but still haven´t found any success. My question to you guys is do you know about any good winter mods, preferably with winter physics aswell. If you do, hit me up a$ap rocky! Sincerely, Marius
  13. [Quality Express] Marius

    Future DLCs, what would you like to see?

    A lot of cool ideas guys, I´m excited for the future of ETS and I am absolutely sure some of these ideas will be coming in the future.
  14. Hey there! I´ve been thinking of some DLC´s I´d like to see in the future of ETS2, and I was wondering what you guys would like to see going ahead. I have been thinking of these: - ¨Northern DLC¨, which includes the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Svalbard. - ¨Tandem/Rigid DLC¨, which can let us use tandem/rigid chassises. - A dlc for the region including Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria etc. What DLCs do you want to see in the future?
  15. [Quality Express] Marius

    St. Petersburg - Beyond the Baltic Sea ETS2 DLC

    I think this DLC looks awesome, and I can't wait for it to be released! But as Flindix said, some more details would be nice.