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  1. I think the mod is pretty good. Of course it will have it's bugs and problems, but overall it is a solid mod.
  2. The new roads are nice. Haven't tried the new one on France yet, but the German ones provide some new scenery
  3. I say remove the restricted zone. They should be allowed anywhere in the game.
  4. The report system could be improved, maybe make it easier for people to report others.
  5. Anywhere outside central Europe is pretty empty to be honest
  6. There should be no speed limit on highways, but the limit in cities is fine.
  7. I find it fun but frustrating at the same time. The road is a good challenge, but is full of trolls and idiots who fly pass you on the shoulder going 150 km/h. Its almost impossible to make it through with 0% damage. 10/10 would drive on it again though. Full of laughs and good moments.
  8. go to truck configurator, then to the selection section, then click on the one on the roof(in the rear).
  9. Welcome to the TruckersMP community! There are no AI cars or trucks atm, but possibly a game mode/server where there are.
  10. I like the truck, plenty of power and handles well. Still prefer my Scania Streamline, though.
  11. I like it. The new physics and rain are pretty cool, probably my favorite parts of the beta so far.
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