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  1. Happy Birthday! :)

    1. Grundii


      Danke dir vielmals ^_^

  2. Happy new year for all.
  3. A  L  E  X

    Best route

    D-C Road, I choose this street because you feel like driving on it in real life. or is there a lot of traffic, and you have to decide that quickly.
  4. would have something ^^ probably then for the MP
  5. Scania, (Degree but Skoda: P)
  6. A  L  E  X

    C-D road

    Hello! These are probably people who often use the highway as a car / truck driver in real life, so they want to do this in the ETS 2 MP. I also like to use this street. because I'm used to congestion etc and like to travel there as a car. but alternanitv who better the highway ...
  7. No, I rarely write it, but only to those who deliberately break a rule (or more) and thus add innocent players harm. (rec means ban)
  8. The Skoda is the best vehicle in the game, with the truck tilting around only. That's why the Skoda is the better alternative for me. A truck game with no buy / drive cars is NOT a real truck game. Troller is also available as a truck driver.
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